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Taylor Heinicke Signs Partnership with Bud Light

Former BattleHawks and current Washington Football Team QB Taylor Heinicke has agreed to a partnership with a beer company, but it’s not the obvious one.

With his last name being close to Heineken, you would imagine that they would jump on the opportunity, but when you snooze, as they say, you lose.

Heinicke has a history with the Bid Light Seltzer, so, teaming with them also makes since. We all know the locker room video of his post-game celebration.

“The one thing that we didn’t know was that team that won, you’d go back to the locker room and there were Bud Light Seltzers there for you,” Heinicke said. “We’re all getting back to the locker room and there are four 24 packs of Bud Light Seltzers. We’re like, ‘what’s this for?’ They’re like ‘you guys won, it’s for you guys.’ So with that and everyone winning $4,000, were all pretty pumped and having a good time in there.”

Taylor Heinicke

According to the NBC Sports report, the former BattleHawks QB received a “care package, two 12-packs of Bud Light, one 12-pack of Bud Light Seltzer, three bottles of Bud Lights with the company’s ‘For the Fans’ promotion with ‘Bud Lighticke’ written on the box, and one Bud Light hat.”

A couple of statements from Heinicke about the whole process:

“I’m trying, man. I’m trying,” Heinicke replied. “At some point I might just start calling up Bud Light.” After the Tampa game last year, I really tried to give them something.

My agent said they had sent me a 24-pack at home but I never received it. They said they can’t deliver to my address but there’s a gas station a block away that has Heinekens.”

Taylor Heinicke

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