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Report: Barlow Set To Become HC Of San Antonio XFL Franchise

There is now more on the story from Sean Robertson on Reggie Barlow leaving to work in the XFL. Not only will he be a head coach in the XFL. He will be a head coach on an XFL franchise in San Antonio.

“Multiple sources have told me that Barlow has left #VSU to become the new Head Coach of the San Antonio franchise of the @XFL2023

Ever since Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson announced on TV that there would be new XFL teams and new cities, there has been speculation about which places make the most sense. Before the XFL shut its doors, we knew that the league was looking at San Antonio as a possible location.

When the league closed, three of the XFL franchises were potentially moving. From our article two years ago.

“Based on attendance numbers, the teams would have been Los Angeles Wildcats, Tampa Bay Vipers, and New York Guardians. All three teams averaged roughly 12,000 fans per home game. That was the lowest in the league.”

The Vipers have been rumored to be moving to Orlando. The league did not put franchises in San Antonio or Orlando because the AAF had teams when the XFL was planning their teams.

Did the league move the Roughnecks or Renegades to San Antonio, or did the XFL add a new franchise? Having three XFL teams in Texas would not make much sense. We will have to wait if more head coaching hires get leaked or an official announcement from the XFL.

We know Dany Garcia is in NYC via her Instagram. This is the home of RedBird Capital Partners. We have also seen much more social media chatter from XFL scouts. Could this be a sign that a TV deal or team’s announcement is coming soon?

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