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PR: Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia & Others Launch ZOA Energy Drink

WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A multi-faceted team of fitness, health and beverage industry changemakers, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi and John Shulman, announced today the launch of ZOA™, a new healthy energy drink set to make waves in the category. Available for purchase in March 2021, ZOA is a re-imagined, first-of-its-kind energy drink packed with clean, natural caffeine from green coffee and green tea, powerful antioxidants from camu camu and acerola, as well as vitamin D and a unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that support immune function and elevate energy levels.

“I’m very passionate about ZOA. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve our eager consumers with ZOA – the ultimate healthy and immunity-supporting energy drink that’s the first of its kind, thanks to our unique combination of ingredients”

Dwayne Johnson

Their backgrounds as athletes, in the health and wellness space and as successful entrepreneurs laid the groundwork for Johnson, Garcia and Rienzi to join forces with beverage industry vet and managing partner Shulman on a product that is sure to redefine what people expect from energy drinks. Healthy positive energy stands proudly at the core of this passionate partnership with each founder embodying its principles in their daily lives: Garcia, a pioneering global chairperson, first female owner of a major professional sports league in the United States, dedicated professional bodybuilder and one of the most successful producers in Hollywood; Rienzi, a lauded fitness professional and consultant with over 15 years of experience guiding the health and wellness of elite athletes and actors, as well as expertise in the strategic development of fitness industry programs and products; Shulman, a savvy businessman, entrepreneur and investor with over 25 years of success in the consumer, pharmaceutical and business service sectors; and Johnson, entertainment icon, entrepreneur and a champion of encouraging people to lead their lives with strength, optimism, perseverance, kindness and humor along the way. As a team, the four unite to bring this one-of-a-kind energy drink and positive lifestyle brand to market with high-impact distribution and retail partnerships.

The Molson Coors Beverage Company (NYSE: TAP; TSX: TPX) will be the exclusive distribution partner for all retail locations as the company has recently made a series of moves to expand their product offerings beyond beer. By utilizing Molson Coors and their partner L.A. Libations, ZOA will be able to tap into their vast distribution and retail network, as well as utilize their beverage expertise and marketing support.

“I am delighted to share ZOA with the customers we passionately serve. Throughout all my endeavors, I’m committed to cultivating the human experience and providing tools to be and perform at our best,” said Garcia. “Whether you’re the fiercest of athletes, pursuing excellence in the boardroom or simply need a bit more energy to conquer the day, ZOA is a clean, natural, and healthy drink providing you with the energy and nutrients that you need to take you to the next level.”

The respect, reverence and sense of responsibility the ZOA team has for “everyday warriors” – the people who show up early, leave late and always find the time and energy to do the things they love – means they painstakingly sourced only the best ingredients for ZOA. ZOA is the only healthy energy drink that combines turmeric, camu camu and vitamin D, as well as 100% of the daily value of vitamin C and an abundance of focus-enhancing B Vitamins. ZOA is formulated to support the immune system while enhancing focus, providing pre- and post-workout hydration, supplementing amino intake and enhancing energy levels – all in a delicious drink that is an easy addition to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“I’m very passionate about ZOA. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve our eager consumers with ZOA – the ultimate healthy and immunity-supporting energy drink that’s the first of its kind, thanks to our unique combination of ingredients,” said Johnson. “My co-founders and I spent the last 18 months formulating this healthy and great tasting product that we could all use now more than ever. Ensuring we packed it with the critical vitamins and immune support we ourselves consume daily. ZOA is the world’s first and only healthy energy drink that contains our unique combination of 100% vitamin C, 100% vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12, and vitamin D, along with other vital ingredients. ZOA includes a host of nutrients that work to support our immune systems and provide us with a healthy dose of the caffeinated edge we need for focus, balance and success throughout our day. It’s truly our privilege to bring it to market for consumers to enjoy.”

Each 16-ounce can of ZOA boasts a clean blend of green tea and green unroasted coffee, added electrolytes and amino acids, as well as carefully selected superfoods like turmeric, camu camu and acerola. For the ZOA team, focusing on the best ingredients also means avoiding any preservatives.

“Energy and immunity play an essential role in performance, whether inside or outside the gym. As an industry specialist, I’m keenly aware that the quality of what we put in our bodies impacts our entire day,” said Rienzi. “ZOA was created to confidently deliver the best possible ingredients, formulation and amazing taste. Our rigorous development process has enabled us to create a healthy energy beverage that truly champions our consumer.”

“With ZOA Energy, we’re launching a true disruptor in an ironically tired energy drink category – and it comes as no surprise that this team of midnight oil-burners would be the one to do it,” said Shulman. “Innovation is at our core. Eighteen months of market research, laboratory formulation and testing, consumer listening and homing in on where the white space is in the industry resulted in the ZOA we’re bringing to market in March. The healthy alternative. I know this entire team is looking forward to the day we see those first cans of ZOA in people’s hands, powering them through their days and we’ll be raising a can with all of you.”

Each member of the founding team invested in ZOA, with lead investment from Juggernaut Capital Partners IV.

ZOA will make its March debut on the ZOA website and Amazon, followed by natural, conventional and convenience stores. Those interested in learning more and being the first to receive news about ZOA can do so at and on social media @zoaenergy.

About ZOA Energy:

ZOA is the healthy energy drink created and developed by Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Dave Rienzi and John Shulman to bring more positive energy to everyday life. Created as a convenient, healthy solution for the unique challenges of today, ZOA was made to sustain with vitamins C and D for immunity, and vitamin B and natural caffeine for clean, enhanced energy. Follow the brand online at

About ZOA’s Co-Founders:

Dwayne Johnson:

As CEO of Seven Bucks Companies, Dwayne Johnson is a global entertainment and entrepreneurial force who continues to grow his groundbreaking success while managing his ever-expanding and diverse entertainment portfolio. In 1995, Johnson had just been cut from the Canadian Football League and famously had just $7 in his pocket. Today, Johnson produces and stars in Seven Bucks’ tent-pole films and television events with box office revenues exceeding $10 billion worldwide. A cultural leader with audiences across the globe, Johnson’s expertise is invaluable not just in entertainment, but for first-class brands as well, including his strategic partnership and investment in VOSS Water, his trailblazing Project Rock collection with Under Armour and new investment in Acorns. In 2020, Johnson launched, TEREMANA, a tequila brand rooted from his passion for spirits, TEREMANA has since made history as the biggest spirits launch to date. In 2019, Johnson, in partnership with Dany Garcia announced one of their most ambitious endeavors to date – Athleticon, a first-of-its-kind community-driven experience celebrating the very best in athletics, wellness and entertainment. Most recently, Johnson announced his acquisition of the XFL alongside Garcia and RedBird Capital. Johnson’s mission is to continue using his platform to inspire kindness, humility, and hard work, while entertaining global audiences with unique storytelling and authenticity.

Dany Garcia:

As Founder, Chairwoman and CEO of The Garcia Companies and TGC Management, XFL Owner and Co-Founder of Seven Bucks Companies, Dany Garcia is the visionary architect of some of the most successful enterprises, brands and talent. Her immersive global approach within ever-changing landscapes paired with precise instincts have led to unprecedented box office success and innovative business partnerships across verticals. With unbridled athleticism as a professional bodybuilder, Garcia also flawlessly pioneers her expansive enterprise while competing at the highest level. Her global audience can expect trailblazing initiatives throughout 2020 and beyond, as Garcia continues to keep human needs and experience at the forefront of her endeavors across the spaces of mental and physical wellness, athletics, entertainment, spirits, finance and more. In 2019, Garcia, in partnership with Dwayne Johnson, announced one of their most ambitious endeavors to date – Athleticon, a first-of-its-kind community-driven experience celebrating the very best in athletics, wellness and entertainment. Most recently, Garcia announced her acquisition of the XFL alongside Johnson and RedBird Capital, making her the first female owner of a major professional sports league in the United States. Garcia’s passion for bettering the world through socially responsible decisions is consistently reflected in the culture of her teams and the businesses she builds.

Dave Rienzi:

Dave Rienzi is a Strength Coach and Owner of Rienzi Strength & Conditioning, a Fitness Industry Brand consultant for The Garcia Companies and its portfolio of companies and a Classic Physique Professional Bodybuilder. With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Rienzi is a creative innovator in the field of health and fitness. His work has benefitted numerous elite-level professional athletes and molded some of Hollywood’s most impressive and recognized physiques. His work with The Garcia Companies includes oversight of all fitness and nutrition holdings within the portfolio including product development and marketing for The Project Rock athletic line with Under Armour. Alongside Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson, Rienzi cofounded Athleticon & the IFBB ICON World Classic and is heavily involved in its strategic development and programming. His passion for helping people achieve their overall health goals, unique knowledge of fitness industry products and development find a natural outlet in his latest post as co-founder of ZOA.

John Shulman:

John Shulman founded Juggernaut Capital Partners in 2009 where he is Managing Partner and leads its Investment Committee. He has over 25 years of experience with private investments, primarily into the consumer, pharmaceutical and business services sectors. He presently serves on the Board of Directors of Voss Water, Integrated Beverage Group, Mitchell & Ness, Foundation Consumer Healthcare, Nature’s One and Petros Pharmaceuticals. He is a graduate of The McIntire School of Commerce at The University of Virginia.

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