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Orlando Guardians’ Strategy Revealed: Terrell Buckley on XFL 2023 Draft Picks

In a recent Zoom media interview, Orlando Guardians Head Coach Terrell Buckley shared his insights on the XFL 2023 draft picks. Here are five of the most intriguing quotes from the interview.

  1. Addressing Team Needs:“We really studied the roster. We looked at the numbers, we looked at what we really needed that was going to make us better, along with some of the players that we had. And we tried to fill that need. And I feel like it was a team effort. We got off to a good start.” – Terrell Buckley
  2. Focus on Immediate Contributions:“We think these guys will come in and contribute. I mean, they just finished the season… So now you get a chance to have a mixture of players, and that’s what I’m really excited about, probably along with the other coaches, too, of being able to that vision. And I think this will be a true test of your evaluation skills. And can you put it together the right way probably next two years.” – Terrell Buckley
  3. Position Flexibility as a Crucial Factor:“You’re talking about a roster… Especially on the defensive side, and that’s when it got away from us because of the position flexibility that we moving the guys around that we really shouldn’t. And that hurt us. So we don’t want to get caught like that again.” – Terrell Buckley
  4. Controlling the Line of Scrimmage:“You win ball games by controlling the line of scrimmage. We had one against Seattle where we couldn’t get a yard on two downs, and I remember like it was yesterday, we get a first down there. That’s a totally different game. So if you can’t get a yard on two downs, then we need to improve there and be able to control the line of scrimmage.” – Terrell Buckley
  5. Coach’s Self-Improvement:“I would say sideline. Of letting coaches, players and all us through the week work our way through certain situations… just managing the game, being ready for the challenge plays… being emotional on the sideline could hurt.” – Terrell Buckley

In summary, Coach Terrell Buckley emphasized the importance of addressing team needs and bringing in players who can contribute immediately. Position flexibility was cited as a critical factor in building a successful roster. Buckley also talked about the importance of controlling the line of scrimmage in order to win games.

Additionally, he highlighted the necessity of self-improvement as a coach, particularly in terms of game management and decision-making on the sidelines. Buckley’s insights paint a clear picture of the Guardians’ strategy and the work put into building a competitive team for the XFL 2023 season.

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