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New XFL Owners Sticking To Methodical Approach, Zoom Call Details

A month has passed since the sale was finalized and new owners Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Gerry Cardinale/RedBird Capital Partners were given the keys to the castle.

The new owners were able to take full control of the league earlier this week as reported by XFL News Hubs very own Josh Davis.

The XFL fanbase has been dying for news, and as I was told by a source close to the situation, the league would take a methodical approach when planning for the relaunch.

This possibly meant that official announcements wouldn’t be made immediately but in due time. This still hasn’t stopped the new owners from sharing their excitement via their respective social media accounts.

More was revealed early Friday morning when Dany Garcia shared a photo via her instagram story which was a picture of a zoom call with the caption “XFL Zoom Meeting #42 of the week”.

The picture had some noticeable faces. XFL News Hub’s Mike Mitchell noticed that 5 original XFL employees were on the zoom call along with Garcia and Johnson and those employees were Jeffrey Pollack (upper left) Cindy Wagner (lower left), Basil DeVito (top right), Thomas Van Wazer (under Basil) Chirag Mithani (bottom middle), and Toby Lee of RedBird also attended the zoom meeting.

Clearly the caption “XFL Zoom Meeting #42 of the week” indicates that the new owners and the remaining XFL employees that were mentioned have been hard at work since they acquired the league, and even though they have not made any official announcements regarding the leagues return, there is clearly something brewing.

We should also point out that these original XFL employees might be there on a temporary basis helping the new ownership. It is still unclear on the status of XFL President Jeffrey Pollack and other employees who remained with Alpha Entertainment after the league shut down.

This is not breaking news, but this does provide a sense of ease to the XFL fan base. Everyone wants to know what is happening and how soon the league will return, but now that we have seen what is happening behind the scenes and can take deep breath.

Of course, there are hurdles that need to be evaluated before announcing an official start time for the league. Which is expected since the country is in the middle of a health crises, but the post itself certainly created a buzz.

As we await more to come to light, we will be sure to keep you updated if any information is released.

Until then, be patient but also be optimistic about the new owners and their plans regarding the future of the XFL.


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Jai Nokes is a exclusive credentialed writer, reporter, and XFL Insider for XFLNewsHub, and has covered high school, collegiate, and professional sports for 6 years. Jai also host a sports radio show called NOTES X NOKES which airs Tuesday and Fridays each week on Facebook Live at 6:30PM. Follow Jai Nokes on twitter and other social media platforms @notesxnokes.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kevin C

    September 19, 2020 at 11:10 am

    Cannot wait for the league’s return. Last year in St. Louis, the XFL and the Battlehawks brought great joy, unity, and excitement to the St. Louis community. You’d have to had seen it in person to fully understand the impact on our town. Thank you for bringing us updates on the league!

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