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Is USFL Enterprises Taking Over the XFL with a NSFL Rebrand?

Key Points

  • NSFL trademark names secured, hinting at a new league or rebranding
  • Emails to Dany Garcia and The Rock’s XFL accounts are bouncing back
  • Filing Date for “NATIONAL SPRING FOOTBALL LEAGUE” and “NSFL” trademark is September 22, 2023, with 22 variations

In the ever-changing landscape of spring football leagues, we have potentially game-changing news: USFL Enterprises, who holds all of the USFL related trademarks seems to be securing the infrastructure for what could be a new league, referred to as the NSFL (National Spring Football League). Notably, our friends at the X Fan Show report that email accounts for Dany Garcia and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson related to the XFL are now bouncing back.

What does this mean for the XFL, and could USFL Enterprises be behind a complete takeover and rebranding?

The NSFL and Its Trademarks

Adding fuel to the speculative fire, there has been a filing for the “NATIONAL SPRING FOOTBALL LEAGUE” trademark as of September 22, 2023, with as many as 22 different variations of the name. It’s hard not to link the dots here, considering that USFL Enterprises has been consistently proactive in their business moves.

The Mysterious Case of Bounce-Back Emails

In a surprising twist, email addresses associated with Dany Garcia and The Rock’s XFL venture have started to send bounce-back notices. Those who have been following the league closely might recall that similar events occurred when XFL assistant coaches were let go, leading to speculation. Could this mean that Garcia, Johnson, and RedBird Capital are stepping away, making room for FOX to acquire the XFL’s intellectual property?

Uncertain Signals from Domain Names

While it’s tempting to make inferences from domain name registrations, the facts don’t necessarily support that. The domain names ‘’ and ‘’ are indeed taken, but there is no concrete evidence to suggest that they have changed hands or are in any way related to recent events in the XFL. Their ownership remains undisclosed, leaving us in the dark about whether these domains play any role in the unfolding drama.

What Does This Mean for Dany Garcia?

Amidst all the speculation, an intriguing point to consider is an image shared by Dany Garcia. Although the interpretation of images can be subjective, the timing has left many to speculate that Garcia might be signaling her exit from the XFL venture.

In summary, while the signs point towards some form of change in the air, what that change could entail remains a topic of speculation. Whether the NSFL is a nothing burger or the first hint at a seismic shift in the world of spring football, the pieces are moving fast, and we’ll keep you updated as more details come to light.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to dig deeper into this evolving story.

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Mark Perry, a devoted sports journalist and founder of XFL News Hub, has been a key figure in XFL coverage since its 2018 revival. Launching XFL News Hub soon after the league's return announcement, Mark has established the platform as a primary source for comprehensive XFL updates. Renowned for his in-depth knowledge and commitment to sports journalism, Mark actively engages the XFL community, welcoming interactions at



  1. 4th&long

    September 27, 2023 at 12:00 pm

    Mark P what I think you aren’t picking up on is that RBC doesn’t need Rk and DG esp DG. But Fox would love an Investor. If that Investor has demands, Fox will need to listen and agree or some consensus. Rk DG aren’t the decision makers at XFL, its RBC. And if J Larsen is correct, it was RBC that reached out to USFL.

    Either way – two leagues is one too many. Needs to come down to one or both leagues are in jeopardy.

  2. Ken Granito

    September 28, 2023 at 4:20 am

    Since the league will be made of both USFL and XFL fans I propose the teams abide by the same rules are spread through divisions to save money with travel, etc. They merged for a reason. To keep with the tradition of each league, similar to the way the USFL wore and inaugural patch, each team should have a USFL or XFL patch as a way to keep the tradition to signify to their fans they know the tradition of their team and their fans.

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