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XFL News – XFL’s Game-Changing Merger: Dany Garcia’s Visionary Drive

3 Key Points:

  • XFL and USFL Merger: Dany Garcia, co-owner of XFL, announced the league’s successful merger with the USFL, approved by the Department of Justice, with a 2024 kickoff date.
  • Garcia’s Business Empire: Highlights of her diverse portfolio, including Seven Bucks Productions and Tere­mana Tequila, showcasing her multifaceted success.
  • Garcia’s Personal & Professional Growth: Insights into her disciplined lifestyle, strategic business moves, and her unique approach to brand-building and fan engagement.

In an insightful article by Christine Lagorio-Chafkin, editor at large for, the multifaceted world of Dany Garcia is explored, particularly focusing on her recent strides in the XFL. Garcia’s announcement on November 30 about the XFL’s merger with the United States Football League, reviewed and cleared by the Department of Justice, marks a significant step in sports entertainment. The joint league is set to commence its season on March 30, 2024, with Russ Brandon at the helm as CEO.

Dany Garcia, a figure of discipline and calculated strategy, has been lifting the weight of her diverse business empire for decades. From her days as a competitive bodybuilder to being the strategic mind behind various successful ventures, Garcia’s journey is marked by meticulous planning and relentless dedication. She co-founded Seven Bucks Productions, contributing to box office hits like ‘Black Adam’ and ‘Jungle Cruise’, and played a pivotal role in the growth of Tere­mana Tequila. Her acquisition of the XFL in 2020 set her apart as the first U.S. woman with equal ownership in a pro sports league.

The article delves into Garcia’s unique approach to business and branding, emphasizing her belief in creating a ‘universe’ for each brand. This philosophy extends beyond mere deliverables, inviting customers into a world of immersive experiences.

“If I’m succeeding quietly, I’m failing,” she states, underlining her aim for visible impact and recognition.

Garcia’s early life, marked by hard work and ambition, laid the foundation for her later successes. Her collaboration with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, both as his former wife and business partner, showcases a synergy of fame and business acumen. Together, they have co-owned various ventures, including the XFL.

Garcia’s journey is not just about business success; it’s also a story of personal evolution and self-care. As she steps more into the public eye, her endeavors like GSTQ, a personal fashion brand, and the strategic management of the XFL, reflect her growing influence and distinct identity in the business world.

As the XFL gears up for its next season, under the joint partnership with the USFL, fans can anticipate a refreshed and dynamic approach to football entertainment. Garcia’s vision and drive, as highlighted in the article, promise to bring a unique flavor to the sport, blending business savvy with a deep understanding of fan engagement and brand building.

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