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Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson Talks USFL ‘jab’, “We’re not hard to find”

USA Today’s Tom Schad talked with XFL Co-Owners Dwayne’ The Rock’ Johnson and Dany Garcia about the USFL, its impact on the XFL, and their ‘Hollywood’ jab during a recent promo.

The slight jab amused Johnson. He also knows something about ‘TV Wars’ when the WWE competed with the WCW during the ‘Monday Night Wars’ era in the 90’s.

“We’re all in entertainment and all connected to Hollywood, so I thought that ad – we got a big laugh out of that ad,” he said in an interview Friday. “Also, it’s much easier to talk trash when you’re hiding behind the corporate walls and a computer. We’re very forward facing. We’re not hard to find.”

He says that the XFL is happy with their league’s direction and committed to the fans in their markets.

“I think that is one of our pillars and anchors, to go and always take care of the fans, go to that city and take care of the fans,” Johnson said.
“We’re very happy with the decisions that we made. We’re very happy that we go to every market and we commit to that market long-term, we commit to those fans, we commit to that city.”

Dany Garcia talks about how the XFL timeframe is good for their league and players.

“We’re going to continue to execute our playbook,” she said. “I love where we’re at. I love our slot. I love our decision to be in a specific window that advances where our athletes can go afterwards, as compared to much later in the season – which is really challenging. So I think we absolutely wish (the USFL) the best.”

XFL just finished week 6 of their season, something the XFL 2.0 era could not do. Their season ends May 13th in San Antonio. The USFL kicks off on April 15th.

Both leagues will cross TV paths seven times during this period. Both leagues say they wish each other well. But like it or not, Alt-Football fans have dubbed it The Spring Football Wars.

Ultimately, success for both the XFL and USFL is good for everyone. All football fans should be rooting for both leagues. Whether they can complete in the same space for the next five years is up for debate.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    March 29, 2023 at 11:34 am

    Just wonder when they are gonna change the name to RFL??? Rock’s Football League lol. Sorry but I prefer the USFL over X(R)FL, and after last nights game (Wk 6 Hou vs DC) felt like watching an NFL officiated game! Mind you I’m not against or really for any one team in XFL but it was clear that was a poorly called game, on both ends!!! A lot of BS calls that drove the game’s direction…kinda like the NFL, go figure SMH, plus I still don’t like the uniforms for any team really, they don’t have any personality. Hope the league can make it but if one of ’em goes, I prefer XFL goes before USFL!

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