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Doug Whaley Discusses NFL Alumni & XFL Partnership

April 11th, the XFL announced that they were partnering up with the NFL Alumni Academy to help players reach their goals by hosting a training camp for players who look to be ready to join an NFL team. Scouts from NFL teams would go out and watch the training camp to see which players look to be ready to be signed.

If some players weren’t signed they immediately had a contract with the XFL to give them another shot. November 9th, Charlie Boots sat down with Senior Vice President of Player Personnel For The XFL Doug Whaley to discuss how this partnership helps players get to the NFL.

“What we’re looking at is we’re just like the NFL alumni, partnering with them and helping players try to live out their dreams. That dream of being a professional athlete, a professional football player at the highest level, and for whatever circumstances, they’re not there yet. But with an NFL Alumni Academy, that gives them a springboard to showcase their talents that NFL teams can evaluate and sign them to their ultimate dream.”- Doug Whaley (Senior Vice President of Player Personnel For The XFL)

Doug Whaley in this interview also stated that even players aren’t the only one’s getting chances in a new league, coaches and gm’s who were in other leagues are getting chances at starting fresh on an XFL team. Coaches from NFL, CFL, XFL (2020), and many other leagues are getting chosen to be head coaches or even assistant coaches in the XFL.

“We’re excited about our coaching staff. And I think what we did was we put a thoughtful effort into targeting a broad mix. Guys like Wade Phillips and Bob Stoops that have long tenured careers, and Jim Haslett been head coaches before. Bob Stoops as a hall of famer college hall of famer to guys like Reggie Barlow that was at Virginia state HBCU but has had a history of success at Alabama State. And then a guy like Hines Ward, Anthony Beck, Rod Woodson that have put their time in coaching at the pro level and sometimes in the college level, but for whatever reason, didn’t get a chance.” – Doug Whaley (Senior Vice President of Player Personnel For The XFL)

Players and Coaches are getting a fresh new start on brand new teams whether they have been in the NFL, some even coming straight of college, or coming in from another league. The XFL is continuing to give people a new opportunity for a chance at their dream job.

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I'm a 19 year old college student from Las Vegas Nevada. I love watching football and playing football but also writing about it.

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