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Dany Garcia: You Don’t Need Permission To Be Excellent

XFL co-owner Dany Garcia recently talked with Forbes on a number of topics, including her purchase of the XFL. From her successful portfolio of companies, producing blockbuster films, being a professional bodybuilder. She is very busy and has a lot of successes under her belt.

There is one common thread in her approach to all her business ventures. As she put it, it’s about taking care of people and advancing the human experience.

“Take the XFL. Football is a sport absent of the idea of taking care of everyone involved or responsibility for how that experience is to the fan or the audience.

All of my passion, perspective and expertise is taking care of people. It’s advancing the human experience. So the XFL is the largest-scale opportunity I have to utilize everything I’ve done to date to impact people in amazing waysto really get in there, create incredible gameplay and deliver excellence in football, but to also bring a female interpretation of excellence in football.”

She goes on to talk about her full circle approach when it comes to athletes who will take part in the XFL 3.0 era.

“Football is a male-dominated sport, built by men, with a male point of view, who may think, “This is how women will enjoy it.” But it’s not just about the female fan or consumer experience. It’s also the perspective I bring to management style, to enterprise style, which gives me greater breadth. I have a holistic point of view. I look for sustainability in action, like with our athleteswho they are when they come to us and what happens to them after us. That full circle approach is rare to find in the sports industry.”

Garcia and her siblings were the only Latinx students in her high school. She was asked about her advice about her experience.

“You don’t need permission to be excellent. When I was coming up, I prepared to be excellent. Spend time preparing to be absolutely the best you can. You’re going to have to do more than others. Gather people around you to be your support system, who say, “We know you, we got you, we love you.” And then make it easier for people coming up after you.”

The XFL 3.0 era has a lot a highly successful and motivated people ready to take things to the next level. The XFL is in good hands, we just have to be patient.

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