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Battlehawks Were Expecting 50,000 Fans For LA Wildcats Game

St Louis BattleHawks Team President Kurt Hunzeker recently participated in a Reddit AMA. Fans asked him a whole host of questions including the rumored fan attendance expect at the next BattleHawks home game.

The BattleHawks were set to take on the LA Wildcats for a Week 7 match up on March 21st. The league shut down the season after Week 5.

Redit User sirfiddlesticks asked

“I know you confirmed that 50k+ were expects at the next home game, but what was the outlook for the rest of them? Was that going to stay consistent for the rest of the season?”

St Louis BattleHawks Team President Kurt Hunzeker response.

“Very, very likely. We always listened to the fans, so if they wanted the top open for TB and DC, then we would have opened the top.”

Hunzeker expanded on it further.

“3/21 LA = 50K-55K easy, quite possible we would have more

4/5 TB (11am start) = 30K-40K (the standings would also play a part

4/12 DC (Easter) = the day everything suspended, we found out that we had the late game (5pm kickoff). If it was for the division championship, we would have been 60K+.”

About the type of giveaways they had planned.

“Yes. We had mini-Arch Football Honors banners for the first 25K for LA, Fields of Honor-branded giveaway w/ our friends at Schnucks for the TB game, and we never finalized what we were going to do for the DC game, but we always planned on a fan giveaway for all games.”

Reddit user FirstFrenchFailure asked if the Team President would return to his role if the XFL was brought back.

“Under the right circumstances – and assuming I am still an unrestricted free agent – then “maybe.” Candidly, there are so many factors to resolve first.”

We will find out who the potential new owners of the XFL will be in early August.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dude

    June 12, 2020 at 1:55 pm

    This is why the league is viable. Up the quality and give the game to cities that want it.

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