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XFL: Beat the Odds

The XFL has had a very interesting lifespan over the last 20 years. Starting out in 2001 as an attempt for Vince McMahon to be taken seriously in the world of sport, it was a colossal failure and led to significant losses for all involved.

When it came back in 2019 it looked as though it had the potential to compete with the NFL for a while. Unfortunately, the impact of Covid-19 ensured that we never found out what the XFL could do the second time around. All is not lost though, the XFL will be back in 2023 thanks to its new owners. So, with the XFL coming back again, is there a way that you can get ahead of the curve with sports betting?

Parlay Bets

This has long been an area where sports bettors look to increase their value when betting. By picking the favorites it allows relatively small odds to be stacked to create a much better pay-out. It’s long been done for NFL parlay picks, with many players looking to boost the odds that are offered by picking 2 or 3 favorites at a time. So, how will this help when it comes to betting on the XFL?

Basically, because the XFL is a new league with new teams and new players, there’s not a lot of information out there to keep sportsbooks informed with regards to how well teams are likely to do. This means that there are far more opportunities to find value with bets than in more established leagues such as the NFL. It will allow players to create parlays using a mix of favorites and underdogs that will pay out at a significantly higher rate than a similar parlay on an NFL game.

Obviously, there is no guarantee that a win will be created, but this is an opportunity that a lot of sports bettors will be looking to take advantage of. On top of this, as the league season moves forward, bettors will see the stats taking place and potentially be able to react faster than the sportsbooks will. This will allow for even better odds to be found and significantly better value on offer.

Over/Under Bets

This is an area where XFL fans will be able to get some added value on their bets. With the XFL being a relatively new league, it means that it is likely the teams won’t be as well coached as their NFL counterparts.

This combined with the rule changes that are in place to make it a more exciting game will have a big impact on how many points are scored.

As such, bettors will have the opportunity to get great value on the over/under markets. Here it’s just a case of looking at the odds that are offered for high scoring games and trying to find the value. It’s much harder to find value in NFL games at the moment, due to the raft of stats that are available.

However, the XFL will likely provide a far better market to take advantage of.

You could also combine the over/under market with a parlay. This will give you the chance to find superior value on games and then boost it even further. Because it’s not a wager on a result it also means that a shock result generally won’t impact on your bets. If the points are scored it doesn’t matter who does it.

Outright Betting Market

This is a fantastic way to find good value in the XFL. As we’ve already mentioned, it’s a new league. A lot of the players will either be unknowns or players who have struggled in the NFL.

This means that there is a lot of opportunity for these brand-new teams to make a name for themselves. It also means that the odds for the outright markets won’t be quite as accurate when compared to the established leagues.

The outrights market can cover several different areas. It’s not just about who is likely to make it to the playoffs or even win the playoffs. You can bet on who will be the MVP or even who will score the most touchdowns over the season.

These are the areas that will give you the best chance to get additional value. By looking through the outright market and trying to use your knowledge of lesser-known football players, you could find a lot of hidden value here. By carrying this out, you could beat the odds with the XFL this season.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John D. Smith

    November 29, 2021 at 8:33 pm

    Fantastic article! This is where they can draw viewers in early. Each time one of the new leagues (AAF and XFL) starts, I bet under the total on every game. These coaches have had little time to install their offense and the players have no continuity. Advantage? Defense!

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