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Will an XFL Video Game Ever Come to Be?

American football is the most popular sport in North America, but it’s also slowly building up a global fan base. With the NFL being the top league, the short season with only 17 games and playoffs opens up space for competitor leagues to fill in the offseason.

The two most notable runner-ups to the NFL are XFL, who just struck TV rights deals with Disney, ESPN, and USFL. There are currently eight teams in XFL, and since the first try, there have been rumors about creating an XFL video game.

A competitor to the Madden franchise?

EA Sports Madden is one of the most successful sports simulations of all time. The NFL players closely monitor their ratings in the game as a viable confirmation of their value. Madden is also an esports title played in major tournaments across the US.

Since XFL is growing more popular and has lucrative broadcasting deals, how are talks on XFL video games progressing? So far, there is no clear indication such a game will emerge. However, the latest rumors had 2K as the potential developer to create an XFL game. The publisher is renowned for its work on the best basketball simulation NBA 2K and WWE games.

The XFL and 2K didn’t comment on those rumors, but fans already speculated about athletes on the cover page.

What to play while waiting for the XFL video game?

One of the platforms that have countless games and colossal variety is iGaming. You can get a new game every day, and thousands of titles like roulette online NetBet are available on gaming platforms. Playing casino games online nowadays doesn’t really differ from having a real-life gambling experience, and there are quality software developers that translate the core gameplay to thousands of available games.

Other Cloud gaming platforms might be a great choice if XFL video games never see the light, but the fans of the aspiring football league have one workaround that might give them almost all XFL games.

The NFL-based Madden game is a pinnacle of sports games, and XFL fans created mods that allow players to play with genuine jerseys and players from XFL in the Madden game. All current teams are available, and their uniforms and logos will be in the game. With this mod, you can lead DC Defenders to an XFL title on superior Madden visuals and gameplay.

The gameplay is one area modders couldn’t entirely change to abide by the XFL rules. For example, unlike the NFL, XFL doesn’t have a kicker or extra point after scoring a touchdown. Such rule change creates different game dynamics, and in that area, you won’t have a genuine XFL experience.

Big things are in play for XFL, a league that will again reappear in the 2023 season under the new owners, Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and RedBird Capital Partners. The football league’s relaunch will coincide with the USFL league next spring, so it will be interesting to see how eight teams will build their roster. If XFL manages to get better ratings this time around, new talks will certainly re-emerge on video games.

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