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Why you should compare odds before betting on the XFL

The XFL is an exciting competition to bet on. With so many people keen to watch it, betting companies battle it out to offer the best odds possible, which is only a good thing for players.

It’s worth spending some time doing research and comparisons to ensure you get the most for your money.

Below, we’ll take a look at what you can do to compare odds.

What is the XFL?

The XFL is a competition focused on American football. Founded by WWE legend Vince McMahon and now co-owned by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the XFL is a reboot and successor of the previous version of the XFL, which was founded in 2001.

The league is short, lasting from just February to April, and features eight teams divided equally between East and West. Each team plays 10 games, with the top four progressing to the playoffs to determine the champion.

The teams are all unique and do not appear in the NFL. They include the Dallas Renegades, the DC Defenders, the Seattle Dragons and the Tampa Bay Vipers. Each year a draft is held around October, with training camps for the players beginning around November.

The league ran into financial difficulty during the pandemic. However, with its new owners, it’s slated for a grand return in February 2023.

There are some different rules that apply in the XFL compared to the National Football League (NFL). For example, the idea of a “kick off” has been floated, as well as punts and points after touchdown. So regular fans of the NFL are likely to notice differences when watching it.

Let’s take a look at the betting side of the XFL.

The importance of comparing odds

When it comes to betting, a key thing you can do is secure the best odds you possibly can. One sportsbook may offer odds of 7/2 whereas another may offer 8/1, meaning you have the chance to make a little bit extra.

It’s also not uncommon for certain betting sites to offer enhanced odds in the run up to tournaments like XFL, or for certain matches, such as the playoffs. By staying in the loop, you could potentially earn a lot more money compared to just sticking with your usual sportsbook.

By taking a little bit of extra time to research who’s offering the best odds, you could avoid missing out on extra money that you otherwise could have won.

How to compare odds

Now that we know the importance of checking and comparing odds, how do we go about this in an effective way?

Something you can do is to undertake a sportsbooks odds comparison. This may involve checking the odds provided by four or five of the top betting sites to see which is the best.

This is quite a manual approach, however. Instead, you could use dedicated odds comparison sites. These handy tools extract the latest odds offered by a range of different sportsbooks and usually present them in an easy-to-use table.

Within a few minutes you can see which sportsbook is offering the best odds. Some sites will also tell you about any special offers and deals that they may be running at the moment, something we’ll review next.

Take advantage of the latest deals and offers

When big competitions such as XFL roll around, betting companies often step up their offerings. From enhanced odds to bonuses, there’s a range of different deals and offers that are usually featured.

A popular one is the matched first deposit or first bet bonus. Some sportsbooks offer to match your first bet or deposit up to $1,000, though some even go as high as $2,000.

This means that if you place a bet of say $800 on the Seattle Dragons, the sportsbook will match that bet, meaning you’re effectively betting $1,600, giving you a potentially significant return.

So, if you couple this kind of deal with the best odds for the XFL team you’re looking to back, you could get way more money than you expected back.

Other types of welcome bonuses and deals can include free spins at online casinos. Many sportsbooks offer slot games too, so if you like to play these types of games, you could get some free spins to try them out and potentially make some extra money too.

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