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The Spring League (TSL) has ended its season as the best developmental league within the USA with an exciting Mega Bowl, which saw Ryan Willis and the Linemen come up from a deficit to a 26-23 to conquer the Jousters Rice Stadium in Houston. The Linemen won TSL’s North Division with a 5-1 record, showcased their strength, and managed to guarantee their claim as the victors over the Jousters.

That said, there’s been lots of exciting football news to come off the ending of the TSL. Keep reading to stay updated on the newest football and TSL news!

Five Recent CAMP Participants Sign NFL Contracts

It was an exceptional week for HUB Football, as five recent CAMP members signed NFL contracts after the training camps finally opened round the League. In the previous week alone, tight-end De’Quan Hampton, who took part in April’s HUB CAMP, signed a contract with the Super Bowl champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Wide-receiver Jordan Veasy, who had participated in May’s HUB CAMP, has been signed to the Houston Texans, and three other participants from the July 18 CAMP also managed to sign contracts as free agents, their tight-end Jordan Matthews with San Francisco, wide-receiver Justin Hardy with Chicago, and linebacker Emmanuel Ellerbee with Atlanta.

CAMP is a program of free-agent exercise camps for aspiring pro football players that was first started in 2019 by Don Yee. It’s been presented by HUB Football since its inception. NFL and CFL scouts are regular attendees at HUB Football’s CAMPs.

HUB Football has held four CAMPs this year, with 14 players from those CAMPs managing to sign NFL contracts as a result. Aside from Veasy, Hampton, Hardy, and Ellerbee, the list also includes running backs Darius Clark and Mikey Daniel (Carolina), defense end Jamell Garcia-Williams (Arizona), wide beneficiaries Andy Jones (San Francisco), and Devin Ross (New England), tight-end Cheyenne O’Grady (Cincinnati), linebacker Quentin Poling (New Orleans), safety Ladarius Wiley (Seattle), long snapper Mitchell Fraboni (Houston), and defensive tackle Olive Sagapolu (Atlanta).

What Exactly Is CAMP?

CAMP was created to be a pathway for top-level free agents to flaunt their abilities for talent evaluators from the NFL, including other professional leagues, like the CFL. It is not a consolidated workout. It’s instead intended to emulate exercises that occur regularly at NFL training facilities across the USA. Players do individual workouts facilitated by position coaches while additionally competing in one-in-one and also team drills.

Since its inception in 2019, approximately 50% of the teams within the NFL have gone to CAMPs to scout free agents in-person, while the majority of the CFL teams are represented. Moreover, films of the workouts from all the CAMPs are shipped off to over 800 NFL and CFL talent evaluators, including scouting professionals from different leagues. What’s more, CAMP is exclusive. It restricts its program to 50-60 players, guaranteeing that only the elite get an invite to participate in the elite workouts and have exclusive games to play to showcase their skills as aspiring pro football players.

Players pay a low registration fee to participate. Players additionally pay their own travel costs. However, the results speak for themselves. Since HUB Football presented CAMP in 2019, 352 players have participated within the program, and 80 have signed professional contracts, an astounding 22.7 percent.

Former Guardians DE Bunmi Rotimi Gets Signed By Washington

As indicated by reports, former NY Guardians DE Bunmi Rotimi has signed with the Washington football team.

Even though Bunmi went undrafted after the Old Dominion in 2017, he invested his energy with the Bears and the Jousters for The Spring League. Bunmi also played with the Arizona Hotshots of the AAF for a short time. He had a formidable season completing the XFL season with 25 tackles, eight sacks, and even a forced fumble. That said, with Bunmi signing with Washington, he’ll be reunited along with his previous ODU and Battlehawks quarter-back Taylor Heinicke.

Da’Quan Hampton Signs with Buccaneers

Former LA Wildcats wide-receiver turned tight-end for The Spring League’s Jousters, Da’Quan Hampton, has been reported to be signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Hampton additionally partook within the invite-only HUB Football CAMP in May.

Although Hampton went undrafted into the NFL in 2017, he still signed with the Lions and also the Saints during the offseason. However, he was released before the regular season could begin. Da’Quan played wide-receiver during his college years for the JuCo Long Beach City before moving to USC. After a brief time within the NFL, Hampton went on to sign with the Wildcats. While with the Wildcats, he managed to achieve four catches for 26 yards, including a touchdown in 5 games.

Even though the XFL season finished early thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hampton could still play within the Spring League; this was where he made the switch to tight-end for the Jousters. This made him one of the quarter-backs favored targets and helped the team get to the Mega Bowl.

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