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Odds To See XFL 2022 Season

Are we going to enjoy the XFL league in 2022? A simple answer here or better said in this case scenario is not something we can give to you. The real matter is complicated and there are countless variables. But, we are going to give you the best odds available at the moment and what we are expecting to see as the result in 2022. 

Odds are still negative

Sadly, the odds are still negative when it comes to this question. The biggest problem is the pandemic. It has a negative effect on betting, all sports and all the leagues across the world. Analytics from the NonGamStopSlots site, a portal that offers various betting sites not on GamStop see that there is a spike of interest about future XFL league. See, NFL is a massive league and it has an unlimited budget. Players and coaches here have multimillion salaries. There are a lot of investors, partners and so much more. The league is massive and has a huge budget. On the other side, we have XFL.

XFL is a much smaller league and it has 8 teams only. But, the budget is a huge issue here and the league was seriously affected by the pandemic. Some of you may believe that the league is ended and there is no return. This is not the case. As a matter of fact, the league is still ‘’alive” and they post on a regular basis on social media and the official website. 

According to them, the league will get back in 2022 and we can expect to see even more teams, great players playing, and thrilling events. Of course, this is what officials or better said owners of the league have to say. According to them, we can expect the league in 2022 and we are looking at the best performance yet.

There is a different side to the story. We can see that owners of the league are looking for sponsors. The best example is Dwayne Johnson who is looking to start a partnership with various brands in the United States and Canada. This is something you may have heard of and something you probably know more about if you like the league. See, the partners can invest in the league and the league will have a bigger budget. 

As such, they can start competing in 2022 and they can start offering all kinds of events. At the moment there are no massive improvements in this case scenario and there are no massive changes. We are still looking to see the outcome of the negotiations and will new partners be added to the league. If they are, the league will be present the next year, definitely. If not, then we may have to wait for 2023. 

The odds at the moment by the experts and professionals are +175 that the league will return the next year and -240 that it will not. Honestly, we agree with the odds here. But we are still optimistic and we believe that the league does have a lot of potentials and that they will be back soon. It is a nice league that is loaded with thrill and offers additional betting options similar to NFL that most bettors like. The scores are higher, the teams are different and the playing time is different than NFL meaning the betting is more appealing and thrilling.

But, there is one additional reason we must claim here that justifies the odds mentioned above. In 2019 the league started recruiting players and coaches much sooner than this year. If we are looking at the timeline we can see that the league is not working on the same things as they used to 2 years before. This can mean that the league will not come back in 2022. It is still not too late so we can see the changes and the fact they will start working on this as soon as possible. 

The league is owned by Alpha Acquico, LLC, RedBird Capital, Dwayne Johnson, and Dany Garcia. These are all big names hence we believe that each one will be interested and work hard to see the league live and well in 2022. This is another reason why we claim that yes, you may be able to see the league and teams competing any time soon. 

The Final Word

What do you believe is going to happen? We still hope and believe that the league will be back in 2022 and that it will be decent. We don’t believe that it is going to be spectacular and that it will bring countless updates, modifications and etc. 

But, it will still share the great experience and it will be an interesting option to NFL and most bettors will be able to place bets on these teams and enjoy. At the moment the odds are negative but we hope they will rise. If not, we will have to wait for 2023 which is not ideal. Fans and bettors want to enjoy the league as soon as possible and at the moment this means the year 2022.

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