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Cities with Potential Expansion for the XFL

The internet is filled with several rumors of XFL expansion in the wake of the XFL’s early success. Although the owners (Dany Garcia & The Rock) already had plans to expand the XFL ever since they bought it.

The XFL posted good ratings and clarified its viability in the 2020 season, this will increase the interest of people across the country and trigger potential growth around countries in months thereafter.

Another hint to XFL expansion is its forthcoming partnership with CFL. Both teams stand to gain symbiotic benefits from each other as this will open up a world of new opportunities for them.

Six cities seem to be well-positioned for expansion in XFL franchises. Some of those cities are:

Considering the possession of football’s most historic names and the Bears’ fan base steadfastness for the past 100 straight years, Chicago would be a great expansion city with a proven market.

With historic names like Bronko Nagurski, George Halas, Walter Payton, Dick Butkus, and Brian Urlacher, this city has produced some of football’s most historic names and would be a good choice for an XFL franchise.

Chicago has plenty of original football towns as venues to offer for expansion. If XFL is planning to get another soccer stadium just like the ones in DC and LA, SeatGeek Stadium in Chicago seats 20,000 spectators.

Soldier Field is another great option as well. It has a capacity of 61,500 seaters with years of football tradition on its field.

Oakland possesses some hardcore football fans Ever since the Raiders deserted them for Las Vegas, they left them without a team that calls them home. Even with this, some Oakland fans are still probably rooting for the Raiders, and if the XFL had a team there, a power-packed stand i.e. a true fan base is truly guaranteed.

Oakland helplessly watched as the Raiders made their move to Las Vegas. This has the ability to make any fan base down casted, and this is a city hungry for football.

If Black Hole and Ring Central Coliseum hosts a football team again, the city’s fans would likely have no second thoughts than to jump at the opportunity.

As proven by the Battle Hawks and St. Louis, cities with ENS(Empty nest syndrome) after losing their NFL teams are great markets for the XFL, and Oakland city would be just the right bet to build on this fact.

Birmingham, AL
Birmingham hosted the Thunderbolts in the original XFL and the city’s council made an attempt to get an XFL expansion team in 2020.

Several matches with the Thunderbolts and the AAF’s Iron proved that the city can support a new team. The city’s Legion Field which is titled “The Football Capitol of the South” has been known for being the home of the Auburn Tigers and UAB Blazers, and Alabama Crimson Tide since it was built.

The Legion Field has hosted top teams from the XFL, AFA, WFL, USFL, AAF, WLAF, CFL and would welcome more with open arms.

San Diego, CA
San Diego is another on the list of cities they’ve lost their football team, She rooted for the Chargers for years before it was moved to Los Angeles.

The City’s Fleet of the AAF had the third-highest attendance league wide, and any team at this level would naturally build a rivalry with the LA Wildcats.

The loss of the Chargers stung but they seem ready for a new team to support. Due to the demolition of the Qualcomm Stadium, the SDSU’s Aztec Field appears to be the only real option for teams that would like to have a match against each other.  The SDSU’s Aztec field is scheduled to finish construction in 2022.

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