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Why The XFL and Colin Kaepernick Are the Perfect Match

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since 2017 and many people believe it is because of the stance he took against police brutality and the NFL’s lack of awareness. Not only did he bend the knee but was also hell bent on having his message heard around the world. Now that he has accomplished that feat and has donated millions of dollars to continue his fight against police brutality he is still waiting for the opportunity to play the game that he loves at the highest level. The question is will he get that opportunity? 

Since the XFL was purchased by a investor group led by Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and RedBird Capital Partners the new ownership group has reiterated several times how this version of the XFL will be a league of second chances. Even when asked about whether or not players will be able to kneel or demonstrate protests during the national anthem both Garcia and Johnson stated that they had will and would have no problem with players demonstrating or protesting. 

This is the obvious reason the XFL should give Kaepernick a serious look right? 

Well that wouldn’t be the only reason and if it was it would be seen as virtue signaling, woke or whatever 2020 term you want to throw in there. 

The XFL should take a serious look at Kaepernick because he is the type of quarterback the XFL needs to align fans with their new brand. 

In 2020, the first player that was announced to join the league was Landry Jones. It makes sense because of who the old ownership group hired to be the face of the league, Bob Stoops. Yes, PJ Walker, Jordan T’ammu and Matt McGloin, Cardale Jones, were names fans recognized, but Jones was the quarterback that meshed easily with the brand the XFL created. 

Maybe that is a biased take because I covered the Dallas Renegades in 2020, but fans filled the bottom bowl of Choctaw Stadium for two reasons. Stoops and Jones. 

Once the league launches again in 2023, they will have to accomplish the same thing. Tie a notable player into the brand you are marketing and make sure that said player speaks to the core values you have presented.

In early April, Colin Kaepernick appeared as a guest on the I AM ATHLETE podcast hosted by former NFL receiver Brandon Marshall and Chad Johnson. In that episode, Kaepernick cozied up to the idea of even being a backup in the league, but followed up with “he didn’t want to stay as a backup for long” which is understandable especially when a player like Kaepernick was so effective for such a short time in the NFL. 

Earlier last week Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis said on record that he believes Colin Kaepernick deserves a second chance, which shouldn’t be overlooked by any means. Although Davis can be polarizing at times like his father, the late great Al Davis, being discussed in NFL front offices has substance. 

Not saying that Davis would go out and sign Kaepernick, but maybe he wants to see if Kaepernick can still play at a high level which everyone from talking heads to anonymous general managers in the NFL have doubted since 2017. 

All Kaepernick needs at this point is a stage. What better stage than the XFL where the ownership group aligns with your core values personally and as a professional? 

The obvious reason isn’t always the right reason, but if you dive deep into what the XFL is creating, the right reason should be to give Kaepernick another chance at playing the sport he loves while building relationships with the fans and the community he would play in. 

That is the goal of the XFL’s ownership group and having a recognizable face that aligns with your core values only opens up more opportunities to grow the game the way Garcia and Johnson has envisioned. 

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Jai Nokes is a exclusive credentialed writer, reporter, and XFL Insider for XFLNewsHub, and has covered high school, collegiate, and professional sports for 6 years. Jai also host a sports radio show called NOTES X NOKES which airs Tuesday and Fridays each week on Facebook Live at 6:30PM. Follow Jai Nokes on twitter and other social media platforms @notesxnokes.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Andy Gonzalez

    May 2, 2022 at 1:21 pm

    I’m very much a supporter of Colin Kaepernick , but don’t think he would actually work for what the XFL will pay for QB’s and don’t think XFL should pay a lot of money for a name player.

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