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2021 XFL Season May Be Needed More Than We Thought

Covid-19 ended the 2020 season for the XFL earlier than anyone could’ve anticipated. But now that the court has approved the sale of the league, plans for the 2021 season are in blitz mode. The league might be needed more than originally thought.

As college football conferences have begun making decisions about their fall seasons. Out of the Power 5, the Big Ten and the Pac-12 have decided they will postpone theirs until the spring. 

The other 3 conferences have yet to make a solid choice as of press time, although the Big-12 did announce Wednesday that they are planning to move forward with their fall season as planned.

How would a spring college football season work? No details have been released yet about a timetable for play. Presumably, the leagues would have a conference-only schedule, or they could play each other, along with the MAC and VCU, or any other conference that has postponed. 

NY Guardians LB Jawuan Johnson in pursuit of DC Defenders QB Cardale Jones

The NFL draft would likely need to be delayed to allow for the season to end, so eligible players could have that one last season to show to scouts. We know players like Ohio State’s QB Justin Fields, or Minnesota’s WR Rashod Bateman are already top prospects. But guys on the fringe, that maybe 4th or 5th round guys now could end up raising their draft stock by playing another season, a la Joe Burrow.

There could be another option…

The new owners of the XFL, Alpha Acquico, made up of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird Capital have already hinted at trying a season next spring, even if it’s in a bubble. That would be an excellent opportunity for those guys who are already draft-eligible, but not top prospects to show what they have, and get paid for it. 

We have already seen one player, CB Kenny Robinson play in the XFL, and then later get drafted by the Carolina Panthers, so, it isn’t out of the question. 

What the XFL allows for, is guys that aren’t at the top of big boards, or are in that 97% of players who won’t go pro, an avenue to keep playing their beloved sport after college. Since we won’t have all possible teams participating (if any at all) in the fall season, a true national champion cannot be crowned. What better way to continue living the dream of playing professional football, than joining the XFL?

The concept is proven. The audience is there. We have new owners who are serious about giving the best product they can to the fans. Now, all we need are players. Those who will not be able to play this fall are perfect candidates to join already established greats like WR Cam Phillips, or QB Cardale Jones, or LB Jawuan Johnson. This sounds like an ideal scenario to me.

Let’s make it happen.

For the love of football.

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Content creator, that lives in Virginia Beach. Father of 3 amazing girls, lover of all things football. Trying to add my voice to the mix. #ForTheLoveOfFootball #SilenceIsNotAnOption

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