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Glacier Boyz Turn to Wildcat With Playoffs on the Line

The Glacier Boyz fans turned to the wildcat offense in an effort to create a spark. Boy did it create a spark. @JuggnBall4_(Harrison Dreher), and @_ockb6 (Brycen Alleyne) both saw opportunities to receive the snap as the “QB” in route to a victory.

With playoff hopes on the line the Glacier Boyz turned to the wildcat formation at multiple points with their fans leaning heavily toward Harrison Dreher, and Brycen Alleyne running the ball on direct snaps, and read option type plays.

Chris Barrett Lines up at WR

We even saw Chris Barrett relive his brief stay at wide receiver in college by splitting out wide on one call. The fans certainly like to get creative with the play calling in the Fan Controlled Football League, but this was a wrinkle that seemed to gain heavy emphasis. Perhaps this was due to quarterback Chris Barrett dealing with an illness.

Harrison Dreher At QB

This was not an unfamiliar position for the speedy wide receiver Dreher. He actually had 3 pass attempts with Lakawanna in the 2018-2019 season, while collecting 10 carries for 38 yards and a long of 56 yards. This time as a passer, didn’t distract from his role as a wide receiver collecting 39 receptions for 443 yards and 2 touchdowns as well. The season prior to that he had collected 127 rushing attempts, and 15 receptions for 501 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Getting “Alleyne Cuisine” Involved

Brycen Alleyne played at Delaware University in 2018 where he came in as a freshman wide receiver before moving to running back to get the ball in his hands more ways. He would reward them by showcasing his ability as a runner as well. He would total over 2,100 yards of total offense and scored a total of 13 touchdowns. Allyene really seemed to shine in the return game, where he had just under 1,900 yards and 2 touchdowns. This is a huge reason why Alleyne makes sense as a wildcat runner.

Wildcat Offense Leads to Long Touchdown

The wildcat offense led to a long run for a touchdown by Harrison Dreher. During a conversation wth Brycen Alleyne he told me “They installed that 2-3 weeks ago. We just didn’t run it until this past week”, when asked how he felt about the wrinkle in the offense. “I liked it. I ran a couple wildcats in college. I know I’m a playmaker so starting with the ball isn’t nerve racking.”

When asked if the wildcat offense is something Dreher had experience with in the past he replied: “No sir that was my first time besides working on it in high school, but we never ran it in a game.” In college as mentioned above he did collect 3 passing attempts, but Dreher is quick to reply “That was on trick plays and things like that.” So while he was prepared to throw a pass if called upon, he was far more comfortable relying on his speed and running ability.

Players Want to See More of it

Dreher also mentioned, “I wish we could’ve done it all season.” Showing just how much he truly enjoyed getting the ball in his hands right away. With his background in college having thrown passes, I can’t wait to see what wrinkles the FCF fans might call with Dreher should he return in Season 3.0.

The Glacier Boyz had so much talent on offense they at times struggled to get everyone the ball as often as each playmaker would’ve liked. However this wrinkle, and others like it can open up opportunities for all parties involved should these two men not get snatched up by other leagues before they have a chance to return to the FCF.

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