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Potential XFL Players Getting Scammed By Fake Message

It turns out all those lovely people who sit around thinking of ways to get your hard-earned money from you are not stopping at just those, “Government Fines,” “Microsoft Support,” or even the dreaded “Support Your Local Sheriff” scams. They are thinking outside the box by preying on hopeful players chasing their dreams of playing professional football for a living.

This morning we here from one such hopeful player, Malik Duncan, that he received a text message from the XFL about a way to guarantee his films would be seen and reviewed by all 8 XFL head coaches and then he would receive a personal invite from the commissioner himself, Oliver Luck. All this for a small fee of $150. Take a look at his tweet from this morning:

If you read the message, which is supposedly from Eric Galko himself, the Director of Player Personnel for the XFL, he tells him (Malik Duncan) that if he screenshots this (text/email) that he would be permanently banned from the XFL.

Boy, that seems a little unusual and unprofessional to say! Also, if you are going to try to sound professional and really scam someone out of their money, learn grammar.

This truly is a shame that these people (or anybody) are low enough to stoop to this level. People don’t understand what “Hard Work” or honor is so they, being lazy, try to find a way to steal money from those who do know hard work. I refer to these people as completely pathetic cowards in the worst way!

But it wasn’t just him, others were reporting that they received the same text/email.

So, if you are hoping for a chance at the XFL and want to make it, or for any league or sport, don’t let these cowards discourage you, just keep doing what you do best, and that’s HARD WORK and you’ll be fine. 

The XFL is going to be a big thing so unfortunately, we’ll not hear the last of these scams so if you hear of one, report it and let’s put these cowards out of work by wising up and not giving them a dime.

Be safe out there people and “Let’s go XFL Army!”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. The Blaster

    October 2, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    No football player is going to see your rant!

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