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WWE Scouts Have Began Scouting Players For The Relaunching of The XFL

As we all know by now, the XFL will be relaunched in early 2020 and the upcoming league has a lot of significant changes compared to the original XFL. Vince McMahon wants to rebooted XFL to be nothing like the first XFL and he wants the league to be totally different and new compared to what the NFL stands for. Some of those changes include: faster games, political and social activism will not be tolerated, there will be no connection to the WWE in any way, form or manner, which means that McMahon will not be the face of the franchise and players with criminal records will not be allowed to play.

Speaking of players, WWE scouts have reportedly began scouting players for the new XFL as early as now as there was a WWE scout at Penn State’s Pro Day last March 21st, according to Pro Football Talk. Despite speculations and rumors, it was noted that it was unlikely that they were there scouting for the XFL, since the league is not launching for another two years. While it stated that Vince McMahon has made it clear that the XFL is separate from WWE, an XFL promo video was shown at a recent press conference promoting WrestleMania returning to MetLife Stadium next year.

You can read the entire article by visiting this link.

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