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Could We See Former Broncos QB Trevor Siemian in the XFL?

So it has been rumored that Trevor Siemian is close to losing the #2 spot for the Jets and with the Jets planning to only sign two QBs this season. Siemian might need to look for a new home.

According to sources, his competition, Davis Webb, has been showing real improvements during the teams OTA’s. It also looks like Webb earned the #2 spot for the last OTA so perhaps he will be the one they chose to keep. 

Now maybe your asking, “why make a big deal about Trevor Siemian?” Right? Well, in 2015 he was only a seventh-round draft pick, 250th overall and only the seventh quarterback taken.

Yeah, that’s not saying much, am I right? Remind me again, what pick was Tom Brady? Oh yeah, 199th overall in the sixth round, so who would’ve thought that guy could do such damage to the NFL? Not many so they wrote him off! And we all know how it’s working out for him.

Going back to Siemian, I’m not going to say he’s anywhere close to Brady’s status, cause he’s not, his draft stock wasn’t good, and plus his rookie season he only saw one play, which was a kneel down.

Now, of course, nobody thought Trevor Siemian would ever get to start his rookie season because he was only backing up one of the greatest QBs in the history of the game, Peyton Manning. However, thanks to Manning, Siemian received a championship ring as the Broncos beat the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. He never saw any gameplay of course but hey, he is a Super Bowl Champion! 

Fast forward to next season. Manning retired, Brock Osweiler going to the Texans, it seemed only fitting that the Broncos put their faith in Siemian after he beat out Mark Sanchez and then-rookie Paxton Lynch for the starting role.

Things started looking up for him as the threw 18 touchdown passes that season with 10 interceptions, and also had three come from behind wins with two of them going for a game-winning drive. He was ranked number 26th that season tied with veteran Andy Dalton and ahead of former Bronco Brock Osweiler by three TDs. 

Going into his third season 2018, second starting season, Siemian had a new head coach and had a few good games however it was enough and was the downfall of his career. He finished the season with more interceptions than touchdowns plus failed to make it close to his passing yards by 1,200 of the previous year.

The Broncos gave up and traded him to the Minnesota Vikings along with a seventh-round draft pick and they received a fifth-round draft pick, which isn’t much to brag about. In Minnesota, Siemian was back up to Kirk Cousins who was coming off a pretty good year himself ranking thirteenth for the year, so it’s fair to say Siemian wouldn’t see any playing time for the second time in his career.

That stint only lasted for that season, the Vikings released Siemian and he would later sign a one year contract with the Jets in March of 2019 but as I stated earlier it looks like he might not be getting that #2 spot. 

So what is the likelihood that we’ll see Siemian in the XFL? I would say it’s possible, maybe not probable but stranger things have happened. If Siemian does get cut from the Jets and nobody picks him up I would say yes.

We could see him for the 2020 season of the XFL. Perhaps we will see if the XFL New York’s team would pick him up. And who knows, the XFL might be the structure he needs to become a caliber quarterback.

He was a decent college QB for Northwestern, not stellar, but not bad either. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to see Trevor Siemian in the XFL or you’d think he’d be a bust? We’re anxious to hear your replies!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. steve Schoen

    July 19, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    it would certainly be good for him and the XFL in my opinion… he had one solid year against NFL defense’s.. witch should count for something i would think

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