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Kalias Robertson And Others Searching For A Place in the XFL

Kalias Robertson is a football player. He has been a football player since the days of his youth when he was told that he would never make it on a college football team. He is a football player because it is who he is, and he isn’t ready to allow his dream and identity to fade away without a fight. Kalias Robertson wants to find a place in the XFL.

Robertson was invited to become a part of the XFL draft pool. He received interest from many teams, but his name was never called.

Kalias isn’t the only player who was denied his opportunity to play in the XFL after not being selected in the inaugural XFL draft. Noel Devine, Trent Richardson, Jacoby Ford, and Zach Mettenberger are just a few other players who didn’t hear their names called on October 15 and 16. Even though the XFL doesn’t carry the large salary and instant fame like the NFL, it is still an extremely selective process.

Antonio Brown might not be interested (for now), but there are many experienced, and newly graduated players, who want a shot. A prospect has to bring something to the table that is unique, but how do you do that when they are trying to get into a league that nobody has seen yet?

So why should Robertson get an opportunity to play in this new league? He will tell you and the coaches of the XFL that his work ethic puts him ahead of the rest.

“What makes me different from other guys is that I work hard. I get up at 8am every morning and head to the weight room, then the field to get in my workout. I might not be as talented as those ‘Division 1’ guys, but I will outwork my opponent,” stated Robertson recently.

Coming out of Alabama A&M, Robertson was invited to play in front of NFL scouts at the FCS Bowl. Six teams showed interest in Robertson, but his name was not called when draft time came.

Instead of packing it in, Robertson continued to workout and prepare himself for an opportunity. The opportunity came in the form of another new league, the AFL. He was set to sign with Birmingham when the league folded. Another setback, but not one to end his hopes and dreams.

Robertson continues to workout in case he gets that long-awaited call. He, like many other XFL hopefuls, is not ready to start preparing for life beyond football.

“I was contacted by multiple teams in the XFL, so I was pretty sure that I’d get drafted,” Robertson stated. “I just want the chance to continue and chase my dream.”

Of course Robertson wants another chance, after all, he is a football player.

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