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XFL-USFL Merger: New Era of Spring Football with Key USFL Teams Including Michigan, Houston, Memphis, and Birmingham

Weeks after the announcement of the USFL-XFL merger, a critical update has emerged. Pro Football Talk reports that the USFL Players Association has informed its members of a significant development: four USFL teams are set to continue in the merged league for the 2024 season. These teams include the Michigan Panthers, Houston Gamblers, Memphis Showboats, and Birmingham Stallions. This decision marks a pivotal moment in the merger, highlighting the integration and survival of core teams from the USFL as they prepare to embark on this new chapter alongside their XFL counterparts.

Key Teams Surviving the Merger

In the merged USFL-XFL league, four USFL teams have been confirmed to continue: the Michigan Panthers, Houston Gamblers, Memphis Showboats, and Birmingham Stallions. The selection of the USFL teams for the merged league was influenced by their access to home stadiums. Notably, the Houston Gamblers, despite being a Houston-based team, played their 2023 season games in Memphis, Tennessee. This practical aspect of stadium availability played a crucial role in determining which USFL teams would continue in the merged league, ensuring operational feasibility for the upcoming seasons.

As for the XFL, there’s considerable speculation about which teams will be part of the merged league. Rumored teams include the Arlington Renegades, DC Defenders, San Antonio Brahmas, and St Louis Battlehawks. However, these are speculative at this point, and official confirmation from the XFL is still awaited.

The Houston Conundrum: Roughnecks Out, Gamblers’ Future Uncertain

Houston, a city with a rich football history, finds itself in a unique position following the merger. The Houston Roughnecks of the XFL are no more, making way for the USFL’s Houston Gamblers. However, the Gamblers’ future in Houston is clouded with uncertainty.

The Gamblers, who played their games at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee, are now part of a city with an unresolved venue situation. TDECU Stadium, the former home of the Roughnecks, is slated for renovations in 2024, which leaves the Gamblers without a clear home ground in Houston. This development puts a question mark over the team’s ability to host home games and sell season tickets in the city.

Season Ticket Dynamics in the New League

The merger has raised several questions among season ticket holders, especially those of the now-defunct Houston Roughnecks. Current Roughnecks season ticket holders might see their tickets converted to the Houston Gamblers, subject to logistical and operational feasibility.

The USFL has assured that deposits for Season 3 tickets will remain valid irrespective of the merger’s finalization. This commitment indicates a focus on fan experience and continuity, assuring supporters of a consistent and high-quality game day experience. The league has promised direct communication regarding refunds, should they become necessary.

Stadium and Ticket Sales: An Unresolved Puzzle

As the new league gears up for its inaugural season, the venue and ticketing strategy for the Houston Gamblers remain major points of discussion. With TDECU Stadium undergoing renovations and no clear alternative in sight, the Gamblers’ ability to play games in Houston is uncertain.

This uncertainty extends to season ticket sales, with no concrete information available yet on when and how tickets will be sold. The situation is a complex puzzle that the league must solve promptly to ensure a smooth transition into the 2024 season.

Player Movements and Future Prospects

The merger’s impact extends beyond teams and venues to the players themselves. Sources from XFL News Hub indicate that players from teams like the Roughnecks and Seattle Sea Dragons have been advised to seek new teams, a clear sign of the shifting dynamics in the league. This development could lead to interesting player movements and new team compositions, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the pre-season preparations.

Anticipation for Official Announcements

With the USFL Players Association informing its members about the merger, the anticipation for official details about the combined league is high. Sources close to the situation have hinted that new information could be released as soon as this week, possibly by the 21st. This upcoming announcement is eagerly awaited by fans, players, and stakeholders alike, as it will provide clarity on the future direction of the league.

A New Chapter in Spring Football

The USFL-XFL merger marks the beginning of a new chapter in the story of professional spring football. It’s a bold step towards consolidating the strengths of both leagues to create a more robust and sustainable model. As fans await further details, the excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead are palpable. The 2024 season promises to be a landmark moment in the history of American football, offering a fresh perspective on the game we all love.

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Mark Perry, a devoted sports journalist and founder of XFL News Hub, has been a key figure in XFL coverage since its 2018 revival. Launching XFL News Hub soon after the league's return announcement, Mark has established the platform as a primary source for comprehensive XFL updates. Renowned for his in-depth knowledge and commitment to sports journalism, Mark actively engages the XFL community, welcoming interactions at

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Shimmy

    December 19, 2023 at 11:29 pm

    Gamblers over Roughnecks, kind of odd, 2020 rnecks,pretty good 2023 rnecks pretty good also, they played before home fans. 2020 rneck uniforms, then a complete redo of there uniforms in 2023, how about a consist look. IF it really is Houston let the fans vote on the nickname they have time, and probably still have both uni’s still available. What about they use Roughnecks uniforms then alternate Gamblers uniforms every other week, did not the Gamblers last play in Houston in “1985”. What would be real cool is if the Titans (NFL) allowed the Roughnecks too wear one of the Oilers throwback Uniforms all the time, let the fans enjoy it, what good is that uniform mothballed, does not make sense. Thank You(not a Houston fan nothing personal.

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