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XFL SD of Football Operations Jim Monos Talks XFL Coaches, XFL Rules & More

The XFL’s new Senior Director of Football Operations, Jim Monos, has his own podcast called Go Long. The podcast has been going on for about ten months and is co-hosted by Tyler Dunne.

Back in December of 2021, Monos was hired by the XFL. He joins several other former Buffalo Bills front office staff like Marc Ross, XFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations, Doug Whaley, XFL Senior Vice President of Player Personnel, and Russ Brandon, XFL President.

Jim Monos joins the XFL as Senior Director of Football Operations where he will assist with player procurement as well as support day-to-day operations including travel coordination and scheduling for each of the teams. Monos will work closely with Marc Ross and Doug Whaley to assist with all team needs during the season. Monos joins the league after spending the past year as a football analyst at Spotlight Sports Group. Prior to that, he spent 17 years working in the NFL as an area scout for the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints, and Director of Player Personnel for the Buffalo Bills.”

The podcasts mostly revolve around NFL talk; however, he does drop some information about the XFL on several episodes. In the episode titled ‘Let’s talk about the New York Giants’, he talks about getting hired by the XFL, the Buffalo Bills connection, and being ‘aggressive’ in the XFL 3.0 era.

“We have some pretty good ideas. We’re going to be aggressive. I can tell you. We’re going to be aggressive. It’s the best word I’m going to use as far as rules, talent as far as how old are they going to be? Yeah, we’re going to be aggressive.”

He goes on to say that the XFL wants him to continue with his podcast and give fans an inside peek of the league. 

“We got the blessing from the XFL. No, Russ Brandon likes our show. And he said, let’s keep it going.”

It looks like the XFL will be going the way of the USFL, getting younger players and allowing their players to get College Credit while playing in their league.

“I think as long as we could somehow provide an opportunity for players to earn college credits while they’re playing the XFL and they’re making money, play for three years and go to the draft.”

He also mentioned XFL head coaches.

“Some head coaches you’re going to be surprised about.”

The episode titled ‘Should Monos bring Antonio Brown to the XFL?’ talks about whether the XFL and NFL will be working together.

“We’re not going to be in cahoots with the NFL…  But we would like to incorporate, if we can with the NFL if they want us to try to use new technology or try different rules.”

Monos also talked about the idea of a rule change he brought up in a meeting.

“I brought up first and second quarter. Any touchdown you score, you have to go for two… it would change the whole game for everybody. But the counter to that is we might just use what the XFL had two years ago where you can either go for one from the three yard line, two points from like the five or three points from the ten, which is fine too. No kicking extra points.”

They both, in jest, mention the XFL getting rid of kickers entirely, but I’m not sure there were too serious about that. Having no kicking in the XFL would be a HUGE mistake and make the league feel like it did in the 1.0 era, and they don’t want that.

Monos and the others were just announced in December, so everything is just getting started.

“We really don’t have a lot yet. When I tell you we are at ground level. We are at ground level.” 

They also bring up something that our own Mike Mitchell talked about for months. The XFL giving fans unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to players and coaches. 

“To me, I think it’s more about the coaches. Get some really good coaches you want to see Mic’d up and behind the scenes. That’s where I think these leagues have a chance to make it. That’s how I want the XFL to be…. we’re going to be aggressive and all open. We want all access. We want fans to see daily meetings, practice… We want coaches who are ready to be on Mic’d all the time. Like a real hard knocks, but not the fake hard knock… the real stuff amazing. That’s the only way that’s to me how these leagues will make it. “

Thanks to XFL super fans @MaxScouts, @ArenaFanKen, and @TheMarkcast for sending us info on the Go Long podcast. It looks like the Go Long Podcast is something XFL fans should subscribe to and get some insight on the XFL 3.0 era.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jim Gitchel

    January 14, 2022 at 9:31 pm

    If anybody can watch team meetings, what’s going to prevent a team’s upcoming opponent from hearing their strategy? No coach is going to go for this (unless I’m missing something).

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