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XFL Scoring Recap: Houston Roughnecks Beat STL BattleHawks 24 – 28

QTR – 1

HOU – S.Castillo 44 yds field goal

STL – J.Ta’amu pass short right to M.Jones for 25 yards

HOU – P.Walker pass short middle to C.Phillips for 7 yards

QTR – 2

HOU – J.Butler rush left guard for 1 yards

HOU – P.Walker pass short right to C.Phillips for 9 yards

QTR – 3

STL – J.Ta’amu pass short right to D.Pierson-El for 1 yards

STL – J.Ta’amu rush left end for 4 yards

QTR – 4

HOU – P.Walker pass short right to C.Phillips for 2 yards

HOU – 1pt attempt successful. P.Walker rush.

STL – J.Ta’amu pass short left to L.Washington for 36 yards

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Levi Trigger

    February 17, 2020 at 12:15 am

    Being a battlehawks fan, I say this.
    Houston really put our weaknesses on display tonight and though we made a valiant comeback in the second half, the game should never had gotten that far out of our control. I will point out one VERY IMPORTANT detail though. This game was MUTILATED by CORRUPTED OFFICIATING. The first three quarters of officiating were astounding and gave me hope. When battlehawks were making there comeback they looked as though they could win the game, I’m honestly not so sure they could have, but in the 4th quarter right around the 10:30 or 11:00 minute mark the lead was within reach for the battlehawks who had possession of the ball. it was 2nd or 3rd down but a player from Houston had crossed the line of scrimmage before the snap and NO FLAG WAS THROWN, NO FOUL WAS CALLED FOR THIS INFRACTION. All that does in any big game situation is leave an ENORMOUS β€œWHAT IF?”. Now we’ll never know the true outcome because the game was decided by officials not skill. I had high hopes for better officiating in the XFL as compared to the NFL. It seems I was sadly mistaken. I sincerely hope Oliver Luck cares enough to address this situation before it becomes an epidemic that could end the XFL before it leaves the ground. With all of that being said I want to ensure everyone understands that I am upset over a concept and not about my team losing.
    In that play in question Ta’Amu should never had thrown that ball there, he should play every snap as a live, penalty free, game deciding snap and he DID NOT. That interception that led to the Houston win is SOLELY on him and him alone. My team needs to learn the skill of composure. The amount of fouls incurred by the battlehawks is UTTERLY DISAPPOINTING. Put all of that together with the being out classed and outshined by the Houston roughnecks offense and defense and victory was slim to none. It hurts to admit it, but it’s the truth. Now to my concept. Games should be decided by skill. You’re either good enough to win or bad enough to lose. When you have bad officiating with no repercussions to the refs. The integrity of the game is corrupted and no longer trustworthy. There should never be a situation of questionable outcome. Hence my anger. I want to know who was good enough to win and bad enough to lose unquestionably. I highly doubt that I will ever see such an outcome, but I can hope. Even if it’s a fools hope.

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