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XFL Players Receive Key Update on Contracts and Merged XFL-USFL League

3 Key Points from the XFL Player Update

  • End of Current Contracts: XFL players were notified that their current contracts would expire on December 31, 2023. This aligns with the league’s transition period before the merger with the USFL.
  • Health Benefits and COBRA: Players with elected health benefits will see these end starting January 1, 2024. They will receive a COBRA packet from iSolved, ensuring they have the option for continued coverage.
  • Training Camp and Draft Opportunities: Players from unretained teams have the opportunity to join the new league through two upcoming drafts. Those selected will report to a training camp in Arlington, TX, on February 23, 2024, marking the start of their journey in the merged league.

Major Developments in XFL and USFL Merger

James Larsen from PFNewsroom, was the first to reveal a significant update for XFL players. An email was sent to them on December 29, 2023, detailing vital changes. This communication is crucial as the XFL prepares for its 2024 season and a significant merger with the USFL.

Contents of the Letter to XFL Players

The letter to the XFL players started with an appreciation of their efforts and roles in the league’s success. It informed them about the upcoming merger with the USFL, promising more details in the future. The letter clarified that current player contracts with the XFL would end on December 31, 2023. It also mentioned that those who had opted for health benefits would see these end on January 1, 2024. However, they would receive a COBRA packet for continued coverage.

What This Means for the Players

For players, this means significant changes. Those from teams that will not continue in the merged league will have a chance to be drafted into the new league. There will be two drafts to facilitate this. Players who get drafted and accept the offer will report to a training camp in Arlington, TX, on February 23, 2024.

Anticipation for the Official Announcement

The letter’s timing is strategic, as the official announcement of the XFL-USFL merger is expected early next week. The new league will operate from January 1st to July 1st, marking a new chapter in Spring football.

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