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XFL Could Land Toronto Argonauts in 2023

The XFL and CFL called off talks on Wednesday, both leagues releasing a statement to the fact. The announcement didn’t completely shut the door on all possibilities though, as it has been reported by CBC’s Dan Ralph that the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts could be on the way out of its current situation.

The franchise is owned by Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, a conglomerate that owns Toronto sports teams, banks, and a management firm.

The Argonauts have reported annual losses of $12 million, and in the last few years have had some of the lowest attendance records in the CFL. That’s a tough one for a league that depends highly on fans being in the stands.

MLSE was a big player in the collaboration discussions between the two leagues. Undoubtedly, the ownership group believed that working with the XFL could help solve some of the CFL issues. The league had to cancel the 2020 season due to the pandemic, and 2021 has had to be adjusted to less games, and the possibility of fewer fans.

But their feelings on the potential merger weren’t shared by every team. The Edmonton Elks released this statement Wednesday:

The MLSE could sell the team, if it doesn’t decide to join the XFL. But finding a buyer for the 148-year-old franchise could be difficult.

Football is the only sport loved by Americans that doesn’t have a club in Canada. The other teams MLSE control are all part of the NHL, MLB, and NBA. If they decide to break ranks it poses a threat to the stability of the CFL.

Nothing will happen before 2022, and the XFL won’t hit the field again until a year after that. A lot can happen between now and then, so stick with us as this story continues to unfold.

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  1. David Tress

    July 10, 2021 at 11:44 am

    The Argos will never leave the CFL for spring football. The XFL would be better off to bring its schedule into alignment with the CFL schedule and play CFL rules.

  2. Bod

    July 10, 2021 at 7:03 pm

    NFL. Theres no XFL for us. We’ll keep our Argos + an NFL franchise.


    July 11, 2021 at 2:19 pm

    Frikking greedy MLSC will kill cfl. I say do not allow 4 downs football in Canada as cfl is ingrained as pur cultural icon. Have another franchise in Toronto asap.

  4. Football Man 34

    July 11, 2021 at 10:35 pm

    MLSE does not own a bank or a management firm. They own Scotiabank Arena, an arena sponsored by a bank, and they are the manager of BMO Field, a soccer/football stadium.

    Not to mention, hockey is a Canadian sport, not an American sport. The NHL was founded entirely in Canada with only Canadian teams to start, before they later expanded into the US.

  5. Dude

    July 12, 2021 at 4:49 pm

    Doesn’t make sense to leave unless the XFL gets a better TV deal with Toronto onboard. The TV money is where you turn a profit. And I can see Canadian fans not attending, out of spite, if Toronto joined the XFL. Toronto is an NFL city. The Argos will have to be sold and then MLSE will have to raise $3 Billion to get the NFL to even look that way. Unless the Chargers have issues, I think expansion is the only hope, and that’s likely 10 more years. Heck, Jeff Bezos can’t even buy a team and he’s got a $100 Billion plus lying around on his dresser.

  6. siouxfan

    July 14, 2021 at 9:52 pm

    Why would Toronto join the XFL? Would not that be a dumb idea with their money would it not be wise to apply for an NFL Expansion team and the Argos be that team? I would rather see the Argos in the NFL instead of the XFL!! If it be the NFL, CFL or XFL it is a business and there is a lot of money to be made!!

  7. Joe

    September 23, 2021 at 6:01 pm

    Keep the Argos in the CFL! 4 down football the way it is played today is a total Bore! Take it from a Yank, love and cherish your brand before it goes away! Die-hard Ti-Cat season ticket holder from Syracuse

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