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XFL LA Head Coach Winston Moss Challenges American Food Supply

Summer brings out the best in all of us as we let go of the winter blues and embrace the heat and fun. And it looks like Los Angeles’ head coach Winston Moss is having fun himself as he has issued a challenge to the American Food Supply (AWAFS) for $5,000 to be donated to an XFL charity. The challenge is that Winston Moss and his staff (it’s unclear if any of the other team coaches of the XFL will join in) will lose 30+ pounds by February 8th of 2020, the opening day of the XFL season. And it appears Moss is not playing around as he adds, at the end of his tweet, “Put up or shut up!”

The suggested donation would be 5k for each of the coaches that would lose the 30 pounds or more, so say, hypothetically, all of the coaches lose the weight and win the challenge, that would mean the AWAFS would pay out $65,000 dollars! But it doesn’t look they want to go that big, Twitter user @AWAFS_RiskNmbr later confirmed that they would accept the challenge, but only for $2 a pound that each coach would lose and it doesn’t seem like they will stop them at just 30 pounds. So if we add it up and all of the 13 coaches lose just the 30 pounds that would get a donation in the lump sum of $780. That’s not exactly what Moss initially had in mind but hey, a donations a donation and everyone should be grateful for what they get! 

Of course, that total amount might not be for the operation staff but only for the coaching staff, which a lot of the details have not been discussed openly. Even tho it’s not a big payout Winston Moss tweeted a GIF of Ice Cube saying “It’s On.” Looks like it will be fun to see how this all unfolds and it’s nice that we can have some good natured-ribbing in the XFL, just makes me more excited for the season to start!

Check back as this is an ongoing story and more will be posted as it goes.

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