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Top Three Reasons Why The XFL Can Be Successful This Time

We all remember the XFL in 2001; however, The XFL is back and ready to start fresh. It promised an exciting change to the sport we know and love. In truth, all we just got was a bit of showbiz flare. The XFL decided to relaunch and fix what they did wrong. The XFL promises better teams and an all-around better product. Here are the top three reasons the XFL can be better this go around.

#3. XFL Football Cities

Back in 2001, the XFL thought it would be a great idea to make Birmingham and Memphis a professional football franchise location. These are not football cities respectfully when it comes to money and people. So the XFL made a great decision.

They based their new teams in cities that have NFL franchises. Therefore, they don’t have to market new fans that don’t normally go to football games. They are attracting fans who love football in established football cities.

#2 XFL Rules That Will Change The Game

The XFL prides itself on being different from the NFL. With their new XFL style rules, they are. We are used to extra points being a kick. The XFL teams have the chance of scoring three extra points after a touchdown. The offense can take the ball at the 2-yard line and, at most they can score one extra point. They can choose to move the football back to the 5 or 10-yard line and, score two or three extra points.

The XFL will consider all passes behind the line of scrimmage a lateral pass. This will make for some fun and exciting play calls.

We will see a running clock for the XFL. This will make for the teams to have more of an urgency to score points faster than ever before. The only two ways the clock will stop is if a team uses a timeout or when the two-minute warning happens.

Fair catches are not allowed in the XFL. At each kickoff, the ball will be placed at the 15-yard line. This will help with no touchbacks. For safety, the kicking team needs to give the returner 5 yards in space. So he can get the ball and, start moving. The XFL wants nonstop action with more football fewer penalties. With these rules, we should be in for a football treat.

#1. The Stars and Talent

If the XFL wants to be a legitimate football league in America, They need the talent to fill their rosters. Many ex-college football stars need a place to play. Players you will see play this XFL season include;

1. Cardale Jones, QB, DC Defenders (Ohio State)

2. Andre Williams, RB, Houston Roughnecks (Boston College)

3. Aaron Murray, QB, Tampa Bay (Georgia)

4. DeAngelo Yancey, WR, New York Guardians (Purdue)

5. Keenan Reynolds, WR, Seattle Dragons (Navy)

The XFL has so much talent coming in that we should have exciting games to watch this season. Players also bring attention to the league, from social media to high visibility interviews. The XFL is giving those outstanding players a second chance to play the game they love at a professional level.

We are used to the NFL being a one-stop-shop for everything Football, but the XFL is ready to challenge that monopoly. Do not be surprised if you see players leaving the NFL to come to the XFL for a plethora of reasons like contract disputes, and more time on the field.

With the rule changes, to the football towns, they play in. Along with the great talent the XFL has and, will get in the future. It’s crazy not to think it won’t work. Now we will have to wait and see!

Do you think the XFL will or will not work? Let me know in the comments below why you think so!

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