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Talk Of A FCF & XFL Merger Is Just That, Talk

In a recently, FCF CEO Sohrob Farudi was asked about what to expect from the Fan Controlled Football League. More access, more cameras, and the ability to watch on television while making your play calls within the app, which will also provide different camera angles.

With NBCLX coming on board, this adds more to the experience that is Fan Controlled Football.

In the interview, CEO and co-founder Sohrob Farudi said in refence to a speculated duo league merger with the XFL. Which has also been rumored about a collaboration between the USFL and Alpha Opco owners of the XFL:

“We are focused on building FCF to be the best it can be, and we’re also going to be bringing our second Fan Controlled sport in 2022,” he said. “With that said, we’d never say no to a conversation with Dany and Dwayne about FCF + XFL and how that could work, but we won’t deviate from what we set out to do 5 years ago, which is putting the fans in the driver’s seat of every decision top to bottom. If the XFL would be willing to play by our rules, we’d welcome their 8 teams into FCF and we could expand the league to 16 teams pretty quickly.”

Sohrob Farudi CEO

But it was co-founder Patrick Dees who all but shut down the FCF and XFL rumors after being approached by a member of the FCF fan community, yet another difference between this and traditional leagues:

While on paper this is true. But, the XFL is still working toward 2023, while the USFL is looking at a 2022 start.

Sure, these 2 topics don’t necessarily mesh with each other, it’s brings up a whole new topic; spring football is on the rise.

The FCF is a digital format 1st, offering fans control over what happens. It also happens to be an indoor 7v7 league, with the technology to allow fans to be in control.

The XFL is a more traditional outdoor 11v11 game, which wouldn’t not translate to an indoor setting.

Each team has their own coaching staff, as the FCF only has 1 set of coaches.

“We are significantly enhancing the user experience on both Twitch and in our mobile apps. We were incredibly happy with almost everything in v1.0, but we are putting a focus on 1) better communicating our unique ruleset and power ups to fans and 2) more cameras and better production value so we can avoid some of the issues with had with bad angles on certain plays. We won’t be scrapping anything, just adding and improving.”

Sohrob Farudi

The differences go beyond that. Access to the fans, and additional programming across Twitch and NBCLX are not something you’ll find in the XFL.

If a potential merger happens, it won’t be between the XFL and the FCF.

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