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Report: Vince McMahon Not In Race To Buy XFL

While speculation has ramped up in recent weeks about the sale of the XFL, it appears that the XFL’s founder will not be making a run at purchasing the upstart league after its bankruptcy filing.

“I don’t know why that’s out there, making me out to be the bad guy, [that] I’m going to buy the XFL back for pennies on the dollar, basically,” McMahon said in the deposition. “That helped me move into the direction of, ‘I’m not going to be a bidder, not going to have anything to do with it.’ I do hope that someone will pay a lot of money for it, and I do hope that it will survive.”

While the Chapter 11 bankruptcy is more of a reorganization of debts allowing for a return, and many believed Vince was simply running a play to save money, we’ve just received word on the matter, per the Action Network’s Darren Rovell.

While the news of XFL President Jeffrey Pollack reaching out to stadiums in Seattle, St. Louis, and Houston has certainly been good news for the sale of the league, it appears that Vince is out.

His legal and financial issues surrounding the XFL’s operation and shutdown have been mounting of late as the WWE has faced setbacks, the XFL declared bankruptcy and he is being sued by Commissioner Oliver Luck over his firing.

We at XNH have heard rumblings about other potential buyers, but nothing solid to report on yet. Stay tuned!

Matt Nagashima is a Sports Writer for XFL News Hub. Born in Denver and raised on the John Elway Super Bowl tapes, he has been following the game since he was a kid. He studied at Colorado State University and graduated with a Degree in History and Creative Writing. Writing about football is his forte, but he's also been published twice in literary journals and continues to build his portfolio

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