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Report: Several Buyers Interested In Purchasing The XFL

According to a report on, there are several potential buyers of the XFL. There is interest in the market place, but do they truly have the capital to make it happen.

The article quotes investment banker Andrew Kline. A former NFL player now a partner at Park Lane. Park Lane helps ” exceptionally successful people buy and sell professional sports teams and finance early and late stage sports-based businesses.”

“There are many folks interested and calling us, but we are not working on anything, and without a billionaire stepping in for Vince, we are not interested. If Vince McMahon was 100% committed to the XFL, I think it could have survived COVID-19 and much worse.”

Andrew Kline In An Email

Kline goes on to say that a potential deal between the NFL and XFL would greatly help the NFL.

 ”I’ve spoken to a number of NFL coaches who say that in the last collective bargaining agreement, the players demanded/received much less training camp and practice time,” he writes.”I’ve been told multiple times that this hurts coaches’ ability to develop new players, and can tell you my time in NFL training camp proved to be where I developed as a player the most—by far. So, I imagine having a place other than college football to develop players for the NFL, which is 1,000 times harder than college (it’s almost a different sport) would be a good thing.”

The Wall Street Journal also reported today that the XFL hopes to sell itself by Mid-July.

Vince McMahon is providing a bankruptcy loan with the stipulation that a sale wraps up within 90 days

Wall Street Journal

The XFL chapter is not officially closed yet. It does seem like one thing is for sure, Vince McMahon is out. Today the WWE announced massive layoffs as well. It has not been a good week for the 74 year old Chairman of the WWE.

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  1. john paxton

    April 15, 2020 at 10:51 pm

    hopefully something good comes out of this i would be disappointed for the xfl to have to shut down

  2. Excalibur45

    April 16, 2020 at 1:47 am

    I think that the XFL will survive I mean look at the response the community had to it as it was just starting naturally a rough start is unfortunate but to substitute what the XFL true purpose is cannot be denied. it will survive and over come this..

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