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Renegades Ticket Rep Brian Goldsmith’s Record-Breaking Attempt at Dallas Marathon in XFL Gear

Key Points:

  • Brian Goldsmith, Arlington Renegades ticket representative, targets a Guinness World Record at the Dallas Marathon.
  • Goldsmith will run in a full football uniform, including a helmet, to break the current record.
  • The record attempt combines Goldsmith’s passion for athletics and challenging feats.

Brian Goldsmith, a dynamic representative for the XFL’s Arlington Renegades, is embarking on a unique challenge at this Sunday’s Dallas Marathon. His goal is not just to complete the race but to etch his name in the Guinness World Records by running the marathon in a full football uniform.

Goldsmith, 37, is no stranger to demanding physical feats. A former Division II football player at Chapman University and a rugby player at the University of Buffalo, Goldsmith has always embraced challenging himself.

“I love putting myself in vulnerable positions,” he shared with the Dallas Morning News. “There is doubt for sure, but if you don’t put yourself out there, you’re not alive.”

His attempt to break the record set by Australian Alistair Kealty in January 2019 at the Standard Charter Dubai Marathon won’t be easy. Kealty clocked an impressive three hours, 33 minutes, and 42 seconds while running in a football uniform. To beat this, Goldsmith has been rigorously training, including wearing a helmet during his runs to adapt to the unique conditions of the marathon.

Goldsmith’s journey to this point is a testament to his passion for athletics and pushing boundaries. Beyond his collegiate sports background, he once competed in a triathlon where he covered a 26.2-mile marathon distance and has even attempted to break the world record for the fastest half-marathon dressed as a fruit, choosing a banana suit for the endeavor.

Despite not breaking the record as a banana, Goldsmith’s efforts have been more than just personal milestones. Over the past two years, he has raised over $1,000 for charity while running in his banana suit back in Buffalo for the Bills’ home opener.

This Sunday’s marathon is more than just a race for Goldsmith; it’s an opportunity to inspire. As a part-time trainer, he sees his extreme endeavors as motivational for others.

“They see me do these crazy things. It is about the motivation to try and reach a goal,” he explains.

The marathon, starting at City Hall Plaza in Dallas at 8:30 AM, will see Goldsmith donning the Arlington Renegades uniform, complete with a helmet, as he strives to leave an indelible mark in the record books and inspire others through his extraordinary athletic pursuit.

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