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Players That Should Be Part Of The New XFL

When the XFL was initially established in 2001, it created a buzz in the global market that is still heard off up to this day. Despite the XFL only having one season, there are a lot of notable players that up to this day is still talked about. Ever since Vince McMahon announced that the XFL will be relaunched in 2020, rumors and speculations have started on who will be playing in the league. There are a lot of players in the inaugural season whom the worldwide audience would want to see make a return and play in the new XFL.

There are a number of players that really made their mark in the inaugural season of the XFL, but the ones that made the most impact and the ones that are even placed in the Hall of Fame of the XFL are Rod “He Hate Me” Smart & Johnny Manziel. These two have become the face of the XFL and the new XFL will not be as good if these two are not in it.

Here are the top 5 players that should be part of the XFL when it returns:

Rod “He Hate Me” Smart:

One of the most controversial and influential player in XFL history. Rod Smart is known by his nick name “He Hate Me.” His contribution to the XFL is not something we want to forget as he put the XFL in the map as a league of its own. His controversy is what made the XFL what it is today and he will definitely play an integral part in the new XFL.

Johnny Manziel:

Vince McMahon said that players with a criminal past are not allowed to play in the new XFL, but Manziel has already stated his desire to play and he was one of the XFL’s main attractions and most known players. Manziel is trying to make a comeback to football, and he’s been rumored to be in negotiations with the CFL. But Money Manziel is way too hot for Canadian football. The XFL needs a star to serve as the face of the league. The XFL won’t be the same without him.

Tim Tebow:

Tebow might be a little overstretched with his ESPN duties and that whole professional baseball thing, but we know Tebow truly belongs on a football field. Plus, if there’s one guy who will most certainly stand for the national anthem, it’s Tebow.

Colin Kaepernick:

The most controversial quarterback in the history of the sport and it would be a crime not to have him back. ​This is assuming that there won’t be a legitimate rule that bars teams from signing Kaepernick. He would be booed harder than anyone has ever been booed before, and that certainly would be a sight to see.

Terrell Owens:

Despite being second all-time in touchdown receptions and third in receiving yards, Terrell Owens isn’t in the Hall of Fame because of his off-field antics, so he should stick it to the man by showing up in the XFL. He will be 46 when the league launches, but he recently claimed he can still run a 4.4 second 40-yard dash at 43 years old, so that must be true and imagine if he still isn’t in the Hall of Fame by 2020. Would he come to his XFL debut dressed in his own personalized gold jacket?

It will be interesting to see which players will be joining the new XFL, but whoever these players may be it will surely be a league that no one will forget and it definitely will go down in the record books as a league of its own.

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