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Oliver Luck vs. Charlie Ebersol: The Future Of Spring Football

Who is Oliver Luck

Oliver Luck A.K.A Oliver Francis Luck is the current CEO & Commissioner of the XFL. Prior to that, he was Director Of Intercollegiate Athletes at West Virginia University (WVU), his alma mater and an Executive with The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in charge of the organization’s regulatory functions. Luck is also a retired American Football Player who spent five seasons in the National Football League (NFL) as a Quarterback for The Houston Oilers (1982–1986). He was also The First President & General Manager of The Houston Dynamo Of Major League Soccer (MLS). Under his watch, The Dynamo won the MLS Cup in 2006 & 2007. Luck is married to the former Kathy Wilson, with whom he has four children: Andrew, Mary Ellen, Emily & Addison. The two oldest are both graduates of Stanford University, where Andrew played football & Mary Ellen played volleyball. When Luck’s NCAA employment was announced, Emily was attending Stanford & Addison was attending Morgantown High School. Andrew played Quarterback at Stanford and was selected number one overall by The Indianapolis Colts in The 2012 NFL Draft, where he now also plays as The Quarterback. In addition to his professional pursuits, Luck is actively involved as a Coach For Youth Sports.

Due to his success and unwavering work as well as his extensive background in the world of Professional Football, he was noticed by WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon. When Vince McMahon made the announcement that he will be relaunching The XFL in 2020, he only had one man in mind to fill in the slot as The XFL’s Commissioner & CEO. On June 5, 2018, The XFL announced that Luck would be the league’s Commissioner & CEO. Because of all the success that Oliver Luck has had with The NFL, WVU & NCAA, we can rest assured that he will continue to bring that same success with him when The XFL officially relaunches in 2020.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck will reportedly receive $20 million guaranteed in a multi-year deal. According to the SportsBusiness Journal, the deal could end up being worth more than $30 million depending upon how well Vince McMahon’s football league performs. Oliver Luck’s net worth as of this writing is estimated to be somewhere in the range of $9 million.

Who is Charlie Ebersol

Charlie Ebersol A.K.A Charlie Duncan Ebersol is The Co-Founder & CEO Of The Alliance Of American Football, an Eight-Team Professional Football League that begins play in February 2019. Charlie Ebersol was born in Torrington, Connecticut on December 1982. He is the son of Actress Susan Saint James & Senior Television Executive & Co-Founder of The Original XFL Dick Ebersol. Charlie Ebersol is also best known as The Co-Founder of THE Company with Justin Hochberg, Executive Producer Of USA Network’s NFL Characters Unite & a Co-Producer of The Profit on CNBC.

Reality Television’s 50 Most Powerful Producers

In 2012, Ebersol was named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of Reality Television’s 50 Most Powerful Producers. While studying at Notre Dame, Ebersol created his first documentary entitled Ithuteng: Never Stop Learning in 2006. The movie received critical acclaim, winning the Toronto International Film Festival’s First OneXOne Award and inspired Oprah Winfrey to donate $1.14 Million to The Ithuteng Trust School. Ebersol also produced the documentaries Don’t Look Down, About The life Of Olympian Shaun White after he won Olympic Gold in 2006 and Tradition Never Graduates, a film about Notre Dame Football.

In 2009, Ebersol formed and sold Saint James Films and also co-created and executive produced NBC’s The Wanted, a primetime show in which Ebersol & Producing Partner Adam Ciralsky led a team of former Navy Seals, a former UN Ambassador and a former Lieutenant Green Beret around the world in search of the most wanted terrorists and war criminals.

In 2011, Charlie Ebersol co-founded The Hochberg-Ebersol (THE) Company with Justin Hochberg & Mike Lanigan. Early projects included TNT’s The Great Escape, Executive Produced with Bertram Van Munster, Ron Howard & Brian Grazer and History’s Off The Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt. Ebersol created USA Network’s The Moment in 2013, a show hosted by Kurt Warner devoted to giving Americans a second chance to achieve their dreams.

Ebersol Survived A Plane Crash

Ebersol was inspired to create the show after receiving his own second chance at life after surviving a plane crash in 2004. Charlie’s father Dick survived but his younger brother, Teddy, along with the pilot and flight attendant on board were killed.

Ebersol is also The Co-Creator & Executive Producer of NFL Characters Unite, a yearly television special with USA Network and The Profit on CNBC. In 2013, he worked with Dolph Lundgren on The Reelz Competition Show Race To The Scene.

Ebersol’s production company changed its name from THE Company to The Company in 2013, upon the exit of Justin Hochberg. Ebersol’s stated mission with The Company is to bring “Joy, Happiness, and Change…to the world through entertainment.” In 2014, The Company announced a production and finance partnership with Israeli Production House Dori Media. Ebersol was also rumored to be attached to produce Space Jam 2, with his brother Willie Ebersol. Ebersol also Executive Produced The Untitled Yale Drama for USA Network along with Rob Reiner.

This Was The XFL

Ebersol also directed This Was The XFL, a documentary in The 30 for 30 series about The XFL. He was chosen by ESPN to direct the documentary because of his father’s co-founding of the league and he used the longtime friendship between Dick Ebersol & WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon as the center-piece for the film.

In March 2018, Ebersol announced the creation of a new professional football league called The Alliance Of American Football. The announcement was made at a press event at The Park Hyatt in Manhattan and was streamed live on Facebook. Ebersol co-founded the league, which will start playing in February 2019, with former NFL Executive & Pro Football Hall Of Fame Inductee Bill Polian. Ebersol’s father, who co-founded rival league XFL and who led NBC Sports and created Sunday Night Football, will also sit on the league’s board. The league is backed by investors such as Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, The Chernin Group & former NFL Player Jared Allen and has employed Coaches Mike Singletary, Brad Childress & Steve Spurrier as well as former NFL Players including Justin Tuck, Hines Ward & Troy Polamalu, who hold executive roles. Games will be played during the off-season from February to April 2019 and will air on CBS and the league’s mobile app.

Two New Football Leagues

The two football leagues are said to be in direct competition against each other. The rules of the two football leagues are said to be similar with one another except for a few differences. Charlie Ebersol Of The Alliance Of American Football told Dan Patrick of USA Today’s For The Win that they are getting rid of kickoffs, but they will keep a version of onside kicks in which teams will get the ball on their own 35 and have a 4th-and-10 to convert. They are also eliminating extra-point tries (two-point conversions only) and added a 30-second play clock. On the other hand, Oliver Luck of

The XFL said that instead of stopping the clock on incomplete passes and runs out of bounds, the clock will keep running, except in the last two minutes of the half. That should make games move faster. Other changes The XFL is planning include a revamped kickoff that requires the kicking team to wait until the receiving team has caught the ball before running downfield, a punt rule modelled off The CFL’s requirement that returners get at least five yards of space to field the ball and tiered extra points that do away with kicks entirely and allow the offense to score one point from the 2-yard line, two points from the 5-yard line or three points from the 15-yard line.

The American Households now has two alternatives of The NFL to choose from and it will be interesting to see which among the two leagues will capture the most attention of The American People. It will also be interesting to see how the two leagues will compete against each other and how they will fare against the NFL.

Listed are the main differences as well as some similarities between The XFL & The AAF:

– The XFL will relaunch in February 2020 at the end of the NFL season, while The AAF will launch in February 2019 also at the end of the NFL season.

– Both leagues are said to have eight teams.

– Both leagues will be having 10 games per season.

– The XFL will be having 40 players per team, while The AAF will be having 50 players per team.

– Both leagues are said to have faster games, which is about roughly two to two and a half hours per game.

– The XFL is said to have nothing to do with political and social activism, while The AAF might or might not have anything to do with it.

Vince McMahon said that players with criminal records will not be allowed to play in The XFL, while no details have been given on who is illegible and non-illegible to play in The AAF, but one must assume that anyone is welcomed to play.

– The XFL is said to be totally different from the WWE and there will be no WWE crossover, while The AAF is yet to give out details on the structure of the league.

– Personalized jerseys might be allowed once again in The XFL, but we do not know if it would be the same for The AAF.

– The new XFL will have one more year to prepare, while The AAF will only have one more month to prepare.

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