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Marc Ross Parts Ways With XFL: Internal Shuffles and Future Outlook

3 Key Points:

  • Marc Ross’s Departure: The exit of Ross from his Executive Vice President role is confirmed, though the reasons are still undisclosed.
  • Planned Staff Changes: Recent departures from the XFL, including Houston Roughnecks staff and Renegades PR Matt Mallian, were in the works for months.
  • XFL-USFL Merger: Both leagues are in a ‘quiet period,’ with an announcement expected soon, but no indication that the merger is affecting internal staffing decisions.

In a recent twist within the XFL administration, Marc Ross has updated his social and professional profiles to indicate his departure from the league. Ross previously held the position of Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the XFL. While the league confirms his exit, the reasons for his departure remain speculative.

Ross’s Sudden Exit: The Knowns and Unknowns

Marc Ross, a stalwart on the NFL Network, seemed to be juggling his duties. His last known interviews were with Daniel Whelan of the DC Defenders just six days ago and the NFL’s Troy Vincent a month ago. Whether Ross’s departure has anything to do with the looming XFL-USFL merger remains unclear, though sources have confirmed that Ross is officially no longer part of the XFL.

Staff Changes: Business as Usual in the XFL

Recent staff changes within the XFL have fueled various speculations, especially concerning the XFL-USFL merger. However, sources have clarified that these moves, such as departures from the Houston Roughnecks staff and others like Travis Watkins and Ellie Pardee, were planned months in advance. Matt Mallian, the PR person for the Renegades, has also left his post. These changes should not be interpreted as a sign of looming large-scale cuts or disruptions within the XFL.

The Quiet Period: Mergers and Tryouts

As both the XFL and USFL navigate what’s been termed the ‘quiet period,’ anticipation builds over the fate of the proposed merger. Both leagues have recently conducted player tryouts, and the expectation is that there will be a decisive announcement by the end of the month.

While the exit of Marc Ross has certainly drawn attention, it’s important to consider it as a single point in a broader, ongoing narrative. With both leagues awaiting a decision on the merger, all signs still point to business as usual in the XFL and USFL corridors.

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