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Luck On XFL Overtime, 1, 2 or 3 Point Conversions, Manziel

Oliver Luck was on the Pro Football Talk (PFT) Podcast Monday to talk XFL. Mike Florio asked him wide-ranging questions from the AAF folding, new XFL rules to John Manziel.

Notes from the Interview;

  • Oliver rated his surprise in the AAF folding a 7 out of 10. He was surprised and saddened. Surprised it folded before the season completed
  • Charlie Ebersol approach Luck years ago about starting a league and he turned him down because of lack of capital to start a league
  • Luck was involved with NFL Europe and knows a new sports leagues need 2 to 4 years to develop. It also requires money
  • Luck didn’t know about merger talk rumor of AAF and XFL
  • XFL not interesting in AAF team markets at this time
  • Looking at what AAF did well and not well overall
  • AAF did well with their game pace. Liked the audio element with their games
  • Team practice facilities are being looked at, and it takes time to finalize
  • Going to use the old St Louis Rams practice facility for XFL team. Others are being worked out.
  • 40 million football fans are used to games in the Fall. If they can get some fans out of that number, a spring league will do well
  • XFL games will be on Saturday and Sunday, towards the end of the season there might be Thursday night games
  • TV deal will be announced soon
  • League is open to taking players not NFL draft-eligible
  • XFL would be open to Manziel as long as the coaches feel like he’s good enough
  • XFL would stay a Spring football league even if the NFL goes on strike next year
  • Vince has the staying power and won’t be a one year and done league

XFL Rules

XFL Kick Off Formation
  • 30-second play clock
  • Kick off will be different
  • No fair catch 5-yard halo rule on punt returns
  • Overtime will be more like soccer or NFL shoot out vs. NFL overtime quarter
  • Game time under 3 hours
  • Forward pass rule: A pass that doesn’t cross the line of scrimmage so you can do it multiple times
  • 11 on 11, same field type, and number of downs
  • XFL to use one, two, or three-point conversions
  • Team scoring a touchdown in the XFL will emerge with 6, 7, 8, or 9 points.
  • There will be around 12 changes to the rules that differ from NFL and NCAA football

Breakdown of XFL one, two, or three-point conversions

  • All are not kicks but play from scrimmage
  • One Point Play – from 2-yard line
  • Two Point Play – from 5-yard line
  • Three Point Play – from 10-yard line

Breakdown of XFL Overtime shoot out

  • 44 guys on the field
  • 5 opportunities each team for one point
  • Each side will have five chances to convert a two-point conversion
  • The defense can score a point in overtime from a turnover
  • Overtime would last as little as four minutes

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Brent

    July 10, 2019 at 8:04 am

    Some interesting changes. I love the point conversion rules – that will definitely be more exciting and worth watching. I don’t know about the overtime shootout, but I’ll have to see. I know I don’t like the way the NFL does overtime, so I’m glad to see the XFL try something there

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