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IFL Team Owner Hints at Player Pipeline to XFL

Another player talent pool has potentially appeared for the XFL to draw from.

Kathy Treankler, team owner of the IFL’s Green Bay Blizzard franchise, stated earlier this week on the team’s podcast “Strictly Blizzness” that the league would be allowing an exemption for their players to jump to the XFL if the opportunity arises. The IFL currently restricts players from breaking their contracts unless they sign with the CFL or NFL, but according to Treankler the XFL will become part of that exclusionary clause.

“In working with the rest of the IFL owners and having our guys pilfered, we thought let’s team up or at try to assimilate with one of those two [USFL and XFL] and so we’ve picked the XFL to join not necessarily a partnership, but to let guys go back and forth between the team.”

-Green Bay Blizzard Owner Kathy Treankler

Treankler mentioned how while this has not yet been formally announced by the IFL that the information would soon be posted to the league’s website. In addition to this announcement there would also be details about player combines featuring coaches from both leagues. 

Treankler goes on to talk about how players are constantly seeking new ways to forward their career on the gridiron and that ultimately this is one of the league’s primary objectives. Treankler punctuated this reveal by saying that the XFL better aligns with the IFL’s mission statement.

“At the end of the day this is what these pro leagues are all about. We take serious the athlete and the athlete should take themselves seriously about getting to the next level.”


This information came after Treankler disclosed that fellow IFL owners discussed an Arena Football League revival, but that ultimately a relationship with the XFL may prove to be more fruitful.

The XFL and its ownership group has yet to mention any such collaboration with the IFL.

Watch/listen to the full podcast on the Blizzard’s Youtube feed:

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