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Fox Airs XFL Ad During 4th Quarter of Super Bowl LIV To Mix Reaction

After news broke online on when an XFL ad would appear on the Fox telecast of Super Bowl LIV. XFL super fans were excited to see it on TV.

XFL commercials have been seen during NFL playoff games and on networks like ESPN during the build-up to the Super Bowl. Having an XFL commercial on the biggest TV show of the year was an excellent opportunity to get the word out on the XFL.

When the ad finally aired after the Disney + Falcon & Winter Solider and Discover ad. Well, it was kind of a dud. See for yourself…

The Dr. rambles on and on before the last couple seconds; then, they mention the XFL. It was a missed opportunity on a massive stage.

Having a Super Bowl commercial in itself is a win for the XFL, considering last year’s Super Bowl broadcast on CBS only mentioned the AAF at the end of the telecast.

With so many other great marketing and commercials the XFL has done, why did they go with this one. It might have been a Fox sports decision and out of the hands of the XFL.

Check out the XFL commercial that aired on ESPN and leave a comment on which one gets you more excited about the XFL.

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  1. Live from the pits

    February 3, 2020 at 5:12 pm

    Because FOX are runned by idiots! Thank god NBC is still angry over last time. Can’t wait to watch XFL ratings take a nosedive after the week 1 honeymoon is over!

    PS – The WWE just lost a BILLION bucks recently!

  2. Dude

    February 4, 2020 at 12:06 pm

    How hard is it to just show passionate fans being upset that football season is over…and then show the XFL as an option to cure your blues. Show the fans and players excited about the game, so people will get interested. Some ad agencies get too cute in order to make their portfolio look fresh to future buyers. Football fans just want fun, low cost, best effort entertainment. Sell that because that’s reality and this is what the league is selling.

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