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XFL 2021 Draft: 5 Offensive Lineman Who Could be Stars In XFL

With the NFL cut day in the review mirror, many players have achieved their goal, to make an NFL squad. Some, on the other hand, are left in the dust. This does not mean that their football dreams are done, however. Many of these men deserve a shot in a pro league. Here are my top five offensive linemen that could be stars in the XFL.

#1 Trey Adams- Tackle, Washington

This 6 foot 8 314 lbs tackle out of Washington coined The Punisher, lives up to his name. He is a ferocious player in the trenches and excels at run blocking. Even with his size, he shows good ability in locating and engaging at the second level.

Adams made the All-Pac-12 First Team in 2016 and in 2019. He was cut by the Bills this year but if he can work on his athleticism and work on staying healthy (2017 ACL tear. 2018 back injury.) The Punisher could be a dominant Offensive Tackle in XFL 3.0

#2 William Sweet- Tackle, North Carolina

Known for his change of direction and sustaining blocks trough the duration of plays, Sweet is a 6 foot 6 313 lbs tackle out of North Carolina. He is currently on the 49ers practice squad.

His ability to gain ground when he pulls, helps him seal big lanes for running backs to run through. With that being said, if he can get some consistency in his technique and explosion, he could be a very dominant star in a pro league.

#3 Zack Bailey- Guard, South Carolina

Cut by the Buccaneers on September 6th, Bailey is looking for a new football home. Standing at 6 foot 5 and 300 lbs, Bailey showed his ability to play different positions in South Carolina. With 27 starts at left guard, 8 starts at right tackle, and 3 starts at center in his college career.

The former 4-star recruit has been injury-prone in the past. Suffering a broken leg during his senior campaign as well as some minor injuries during his college career. He was voted on to the All-SEC second team in 2018 for his ability to transfer weight from his post foot to his set foot, his ability to reset his hand without losing ground, and his consistent base. Look for Bailey to be a Guard many XFL teams will look for.

#4 Zach Shackelford- Center, Texas

Also waived by the Buccaneers, Shackelford has very high potential at the center position. Shackleford’s biggest weakness as of now is his power. With shorter arms than other centers, (31 inches) he gets outreached as well as overpowered.

However, with all of that being said, his flexibility and mobility are very impressive for his size (6 foot 4 305 lbs). >ven with his shorter arms, his strike timing is very impressive. If he can improve his strength, Shackelford could be a great addition to an XFL team.

#5 Koda Martin- Guard, Syracuse

After playing 3 years with Texas A&M, Martin Joined Syracuse in 2018. With his help, The Orange ranked 11th nationally in scoring posting 40.2. In his Sophomore year at Texas A&M he was voted the weight room MVP at the team’s annual banquet.

He is a fantastic pass blocker. He knows how to use his length and footwork to his advantage. Showing his skills against potential pros every week. With that being said, his biggest weakness is his run blocking. If he can improve his ability creating holes for RB’s, he could be a star in the XFL.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nicholas Braxton

    September 16, 2020 at 5:16 pm

    I know this list is about younger players BUT the first guy I would reach out to is Cordy Glenn. He is big body who can lock down the Left side in the XFL to regrow his image. Gregg Robinson is another name they could target. The last veteran I would reach out to is TJ Clemmings. This three players can prove to be next level players in the XFL

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