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EXCLUSIVE: XFL Trademarks; Inside The XFL, The XFL Showcase

Alpha Entertainment LLC, the entity that owns and operates the XFL has established trademarks with the following names:




There’s no further information past the initial filing in the United States Government Trademark base. But what could these be for?

Vince McMahon the founder of Alpha Entertainment, who is also the Chairman and CEO of the WWE, has taken wrestling entertainment to new heights, heights that no one person or businessman could ever have imagined.

McMahon has evolved the WWE from two weekly shows and a monthly Pay-Per-View event into an entire Network of reality shows, documentaries and archive of past events. At one point, the WWE Network had over 1.95 million monthly paying subscribers in 2018.

So What Could These Be For?

INSIDE THE XFL LIVE sounds most like a live studio show that will be sold to networks like Fox and ABC. Similar to ESPN’s NFL Live that is a year-round studio show with reporters and talk heads that discuss and debate every facet of the NFL season.

The XFL will have to grow if it wants to make a studio show work. Currently it is too small of a league to flourish nationally. Beside the eight markets where team’s are based in, there are a couple TV markets that tune in big to XFL ratings. And while the league is certainly a ways-away from expansion of any kind.

XFL SHOWCASE could be for a flurry of different things. It could be Alpha Entertainment’s version of Hard Knocks, the NFL’s preseason docuseries that follows a single team through their training camp journey.

THE XFL SHOWCASE is just another version of the previous show. It could be for branding purposes, or for selling purposes. It suggests that it might not be for an annual short term thing like a training camp series.

One of the things that McMahon does so well with the WWE is market his superstars. The WWE has turned John Cena, Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan into household names around the world. Part of the genius behind doing so is in the branding. If McMahon and Alpha Entertainment can do half as good of a job as the WWE has with creating stars, the XFL could flourish and rival stars in sports

The XFL Showcase could be a way to get to know the league’s stars, an hour documentary style show that sits down with top players in the league and dives deep into their football journey and their ultimate goals. Similar to the NFL Networks’ A Football Life.

There has yet to be any official announcement from the league regarding these trademarks and their future use. Stay tuned to XFL News Hub for all the latest breaking news.

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1 Comment

  1. Andibald

    February 23, 2020 at 2:25 pm

    Inside The XFL Trenches – according to this link:

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