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Doug Whaley On XFL Rules, His Background, XFL Fan Experience

XFL Senior Vice President of Football Operations Doug Whaley joined the Spring Forward podcast for their first episode of the 2019 Season. They talk about his days as GM to the Buffalo Bills to XFL Rules and fan experience.

The Spring League will begin to play at the end of March in Austin Texas. The XFL has partnered with the league to test new rules, gameplay and potentially scout players.

Notes from the Interview;

  • Played his college ball at Pitt
  • His older brother played football which is why he got into it
  • His Dad was his coach
  • The first job out of college was east coast regional scout for the Seattle Seahawks. He did that for two years
  • Worked as director of pro personnel for the Pittsburg Steelers from 1999 to 2010
  • Became assistant GM of the Buffalo Bills in 2010
  • Head GM of the Buffalo Bills in 2013
  • “Everyone thinks they can coach. Everyone knows they can scout.”
  • Joined because of Vince and Oliver, plus a chance to be part of building a new sports league
  • The Spring League partnership was there to test new rules, gameplay and scout players
  • The Spring League will test rules like shorter play clock, 5-yard halo rule on punt returns, different overtime formats, kickoff rule changes
  • XFL looking for best players available
  • Its all about the players, better players, better game to watch
  • Coach/GM idea should be more like the college model
  • AAF, XFL and The Spring League are there to help make players better which improve the game of football
  • XFL wants to provide a different experience than the other leagues by bringing fans into the play calling and more behind the scenes
  • XFL intends to deliver its content like WWE does online

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