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DC Defenders LB A.J. Tarpley Would Pass On XFL 3.0 If Pay Same

DC Defenders LB A.J Tarpley recently took part in a Reddit AMA. Fans asked a myriad of questions from his experience in the AAF and XFL to grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Reddit user docbrowny asked Tarpley if he would return to an XFL 3.0 version and what the league should do differently. For him, the pay was an issue.

“Not unless the pay structure was different. too little money for non-qb players. As for changes… “Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the results”. Too many to list or too detailed it’d be boring for ppl to read.”

Reddit user _nageak_ also asked Tarpley would he take the opportunity to play again if the XFL returns.

“Not if the $$ is the same.”

Overall, Tarpley enjoyed his time with the XFL and finished the season playing in three games finishing with 15 tackles. He missed two games due to injury. The DC Defenders selected him in the open phase portion of the 2020 XFL Draft.

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