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Bret Hart Says XFL Players Will Be Treated Much Better Than WWE Superstars Despite The Pro Wrestling Industry Funding It

Bret “The Hitman” Hart worked for Vince McMahon and The WWE for thirteen years before leaving the company after the infamous Montreal Screwjob in 1997. He comes from a famous pro wrestling family, so Bret knows how pro wrestlers are treated when compared to other athletes and employees in the office. Bret recently spoke to CBS’ In This Corner Podcast about how he believes WWE should treat their Superstars.

Below is what Bret Hart said:

“Employees who work for WWF they have better benefits than the wrestlers do. The ones they should take care of is the wrestlers. They still don’t take care of the wrestlers the way they should. I think that’s a real shame.”

Bret then compared another business Vince McMahon has a hand in now with how WWE treats their Superstars. While comparing them to cattle, The Hitman said that The XFL is being paid for by the pro wrestling industry before saying XFL players are likely to get taken care of much better than WWE Superstars.

“They’re gonna put millions of dollars into The XFL, another one,” Hart continued. “We all know that’s being paid for by the wrestlers, by the wrestling industry. But none of that is gonna filter down to any of the wrestlers. That’s gonna filter down to a bunch of football players being padded with football contracts and they’re gonna have special doctors and they’ll get all the things the wrestlers never got.

“They will be treated like the finest cattle you know animals, you know the treatment they will get is heads and tails above what the wrestlers will get. The wrestlers will get chicken feed at the bottom. If they get injured, they get sent off. It’s a very cut and dry world in pro wrestling.”

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