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Oliver Luck on How Al Davis Shaped The Role of XFL Coach/GM

The Big Play Podcast on Facebook Live had XFL CEO Oliver Luck last week. It was a 20-minute interview covering Oliver meeting Vince to the idea behind the Coach/GM role.

Notes from the Interview;

  • Never met Vince McMahon before the XFL
  • Started talking with Vince in May of 2018 about the XFL job
  • Not a big wrestling fan but knew about the success of the WWE
  • Met for several Saturday’s to go over Vince’s vision
  • Vince realized they made mistakes in 2001. Was too gimmicky
  • Came on board in July of 2018
  • The credibility of the league is important
  • The XFL 2001 scramble was a bad idea (replacement instead of kick-off in 2001)
  • Need to be aware of head issues with players
  • Wants to play “Crisp” football, not a lot of penalties
  • Wants to have a bit more scoring than the AAF
  • The offensive lineman is a critical position to fill
  • The vision of an XFL Coach/GM comes from the days of Al Davis of the Raiders. Coaches were involved in gameday play calls and picking players. Going back to the ’70s and 80’s style coach
  • XFL Coach/GM elevates the finger pointing between management and coaches because it is the responsibility of one person
  • 85 million football fans, there is a void in the Spring the XFL can fill
  • A lot of these fans live in or near major markets, thats why the eight cities were chosen
  • Other coaching announcements coming soon
  • XFL job is not to develop players for the NFL
  • Proud of his son Andrew Luck after coming back from injury
Interview w/ CEO and Commissioner of the XFL, Oliver Luck!

What will be different this time around for the XFL? What have u learned from the launch of The Alliance? Did u ever catch Andrew Luck using a curse word in middle school?

Posted by BIGPLAY on Thursday, March 14, 2019

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