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Details on Potential Salary Structure For The XFL Players

Ever since it was announced that the XFL will be returning in early 2020, there are certain things the fans wanted to know about the league. These things include the players that will be playing, the teams that will be part of the league and their respective cities and quite possibly one of the most important is the salary structure of the players.

XFL 2001 Salaries

During the time when the first XFL was still up and running, they were paying standardized salaries to their players. Quarterbacks were earning $5,000 per week, while kickers were earning $3,500. All other uniformed players were earning $4,500 per week, though a few players got around these restrictions (Los Angeles Xtreme players Noel Prefontaine, the league’s lone punting specialist, and Matt Malloy, a wide receiver) by having themselves listed as backup quarterbacks. Players on a winning team received a bonus of $2,500 for the week, $7,500 for winning a playoff game. The team that won the championship game split $1,000,000 (roughly $25,000 per player). Players did not receive any fringe benefits, and had to pay for their own health insurance.

As for the new XFL, Vince McMahon said that the salary structure is still being decided, but players will be paid to play and they will be paid more to win. The following was posted in regards to pay:

“The players’ salary structure is still in development, but players will be paid to play, and paid more to win.”

However Vince McMahon decides to build the salary structure, one thing is for sure, the XFL players will be paid a good amount to play and even a better amount to win.

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