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What is the XFL?

The XFL was a professional American football league that was created as a joint venture between the WWE and NBC. It was intended to take place during the NFL off-season, but only one season was played in 2001. XFL is renowned for having fewer rules than other major leagues and it encouraged a rougher play. The league consisted of eight teams in two divisions.

The XFL was an alternative to the NFL. McMahon felt that the nation’s favorite game needed a kick up the backside and that he’s the man to do it. McMahon is never one to shirk standing out from the crowd as he has always been bold enough to put his money where his mouth his. McMahon made the XFL as different to the NFL as possible. For instance, the coin toss before every game was replaced by a scramble for control and rather than a tie, the conclusion of a match would see a game go to overtime.

The letters X.F.L. never really stood for anything as it was originally reported. The letters X.F.L. was said to have stood for Xtreme Football League but it was reported that there was already a league under that name. That league never even played a game. They merged with another league in the late 90s. The only comment Vince McMahon ever made on it was, “If the NFL stands for the No Fun League, then the XFL stands for the eXtra Fun League.”

As revolutionary as McMahon has proven to become as a wrestling promoter, the XFL in its first incarnation, which was launched in 2001 has closed its doors just after once season. Despite high ratings at its very start, it’s novelty swiftly wore thin and with TV executives quick to pull the plug as numbers declined, the league met its demise just after one season. The league reportedly had a loss of $35 million. The league was rated as ESPN’S second-greatest sports flop of all time.

McMahon aims to have the rebirth of his XFL in time for 2020 with eight teams playing a 10-week regular season followed by play-offs and a championship game. McMahon’s current job or business with the WWE means that he is very comfortable with novelty, crazy and wacky, which you can expect a lot of in two years’ time. After all, McMahon has said that this is a way of giving football “back” to the American people.

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