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XFL vs NFL – The Key Differences

The second reboot of the XFL season on Feb 8, 2020, saw a showdown of two games – Los Angeles Wildcats v Houston Roughnecks and Seattle Dragons v DC Defenders. This was the second attempt of WWE CEO, Vince McMahon, to try to create an alternative football league and provide a platform for players to watch some more football action after the NFL season. Draftkings Sportsbook promo code provides punters an option to be a part of this action including other sports markets that players can place wagers on. If you want to get up to date sports news, go to

Additionally, if you are interested in betting on XFL, NFL, among other sports leagues you could also have a look at, to learn more about bonuses and live streaming options. However, while the XFL second reboot did not go as planned majorly due to the COVID-19 pandemic that saw the cancelation of the league, what happened between Feb 8 – March 8 was a little different from NFL. Some XFL rules were different from the NFL rules and according to Oliver Luck, XFL commissioner, this was down to the fans wanting a game with ‘more pace and excitement.’ Here are the key differences between XFL and NFL;

  • Play Clock

While XFL games play under three hours, there is the same amount of plays as those in the NFL. However, the key difference comes on the play clock where for XFL, there will be a 25-second play clock beginning after the ball for the next play is spotted. The NFL has its play clock set at 40 seconds.

  • Running Clock

The XFL is set such that the clock runs until there is a two-minute warning or a timeout. This strikes a major difference with the NFL where various actions cannot stop the clock. This includes the first downs. The difference is in line with the XFL focus on providing a faster game compared to the NFL.

  • Timeouts

To further enhance the pace of the game, XFL games will only have two timeouts per half for each team. This is different from the NFL that sees each team receive three timeouts per half.

  • Forward Passes

NFL games see a single forward pass made on each play. This is different from the XFL games that allow two forward passes to be made on each play. However, this will come with a condition. The first forward pass made must be caught behind the line of scrimmage. Only then can a second forward pass be made.

  • Kickoffs

You will also notice major differences in the XFL and NFL kickoffs. To make the XFL kickoffs safer and at the same time increase the returns to players, the differences will be noted on where the teams start, when to move the ball, who can move it, and the touchbacks.

  • Overtime Penalties

The penalties earned during overtime at any XFL game will cost the teams but with the NFL games, there is no effect on when the penalties can be won.

  • Catches

The NFL rules a catch when the player has both of the feet in bounds. With the XFL, the catch can be ruled when one portion of the body or one foot makes contact with the field.

  • Point after Plays

The XFL differs from the NFL here. No kicked extra points are awarded at the XFL as opposed to the NFL. What’s there is that the XFL teams will earn points depending on where they make a play from as follows;

  • Play from the 2-yard line – 1 pt.
  • Play from the 5-yard line – 2 pts.
  • Play from the 10-yard line – 3 pts.

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Mark Perry, a passionate sports journalist and the founder and editor of XFL News Hub, has been at the forefront of covering the XFL since its revival in 2018. Within days of the XFL's announced return, Mark initiated XFL News Hub to keep the fans abreast of every detail, game, and development of the league. Mark's extensive knowledge of the sport, combined with his unwavering dedication to providing comprehensive and accurate reporting, has made XFL News Hub the go-to platform for all things related to the XFL. His work over the years has brought him recognition in the world of sports journalism, solidifying his place as a leading voice in XFL coverage. Beyond just reporting, Mark believes in fostering a community around the XFL, engaging fans through his innovative content and discussions. If you have any inquiries, comments, or insights you'd like to share, Mark welcomes you to contact him directly at

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